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Boy, 8, Spends $300 on Smoke Detectors Instead of PS4 Game System

Hector Montoya (Photo: KTVT/CNN)

Hector Montoya (Photo: KTVT/CNN)

GRAND PRAIRIE, Tex. (CNN) – An 8-year-old Texas boy saw a need in his community and solved it with his own savings.

Hector Montoya had saved $300 to buy a PS4 video game system. However, after learning about a deadly fire in Fort Worth, he learned of the need for smoke detectors.

“I was saving the $300 for a PS4, but I said saving a life is more important,” Montoya said.

Hector Montoya (Photo: KTVT/CNN)

Hector Montoya (Photo: KTVT/CNN)

Montoya spent his $300 to buy smoke detectors for the elderly and needy in his community. His parents say this was entirely his idea.

“Hector is passionate about things, and when he gets it in his mind to do something, then he’s going to do it,” said his mother, Monty Montoya.

Local firefighters in Grand Prairie learned of the effort, and helped by installing the smoke detectors – nearly 100 in all.

Hector’s friends joined him in the effort, and so did adults.

News of Hector’s giving spirit continued to spread. His friends joined him in the effort, and so did adults, who collected money to surprise Hector with a PS4.  They also donated $150 on top of that to buy more smoke detectors.

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  • Tammy

    We need more hero’s like this. He just don’t know how many lives he has saved. God Bless You and your family.

  • mamac

    Way to go Hector, you are setting great examples for others young and old. Great job…I don’t know you but I ‘am very proud of you.And Mom you are raising a fine young man..A BIG thank you..And keep setting great examples…

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