Women’s Organization Seeking Applicants for Scholarships

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There's a local organization established by women for women that's looking for women who are interested in making changes for the better in their lives.

The Women's Economic Development Council Foundation reaches out to women to empower them and help them be successful.Right now, the WEDCF they're looking for scholars to whom they'll give at least $1,200 each.

Women of Huntsville and the surrounding area established the WEDC in 1994 to answer what they viewed as an imbalance in society.  "It was kind of the good ole boys network and we wanted to have an opportunity for us to have a good ole girls network," said Beth Brooks, a founding member.

That network has been helping women on all levels of accomplishment, including those who run companies, those on the fast track moving higher and those just getting started.
The WEDC Foundation is the charitable arm of the organization.  Members raise money to help other women save money and gain skills with free professional developmnent seminars and 12-hundred-dollar scholarships.  Click HERE for the link to the application.

"That money is given directly to the scholar.  she can use it for gas, groceries, childcare, whatever she might need to continue to go to school and support her family," said Brooks.

Jennifer Avans is a scholar.  "It has helped me to pay my car payments," Avans said.  "I hope to one day be able to be a mentor on the Foundation, so that I can encourage someone who doesn't maybe have anybody that believes in them."

So who qualifies for a scholarship?  All different kinds of women qualify, including a woman who's single, raising children, or someone who's going back to school after raising children. You can appply online.   The deadline is April 30th.