University of Alabama TV Station Moves into Bryant-Denny Stadium

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WHNT)- This fall when more than 100,000 people fill Bryant-Denny Stadium on game days, most fans will never know they are sitting on top of a television station. The University of Alabama's WVUA-TV is in the process of moving to a new studio inside the stadium.

"These walls were specifically made so they are sound proof. So we won't hear the 101,000 fans on game day," said anchor and producer Daniel Sparkman.

WVUA started back in 1998 as the privately owned WJRD. But money from Paul Bryant, Jr. allowed the university to purchase the station and use it as part of its communications curriculum. Its intern program is the largest in the country.

"We are a full powered commercial television station," said Sparkman. "We sell commercials, just like you see up in Huntsville. We run the news at 5, 6 and 10 everyday. And our students are a large part of our program and we really couldn't do it without them."

The station is moving from the basement of the communications building to the stadium. It will be located in the section directly above the Walk of Champions.

"Actually we operate two public radio stations in the college, the Center for Public Television and Radio plus we have our commercial television station," said Jennifer Greer, the interim dean of the College of Communication and Information Sciences.

All of those properties will be now be located in stadium.

Greer says one of the things that makes WVUA stand out is communications students are getting experience working in a fully operational newsroom.

"There's really only one college that has a fully operating commercial television station other than the University of Alabama, and that's the University of Missouri," said Greer. "The difference with that one is that their market is much smaller. We are in the Birmingham DMA which is a huge market for our students."

WVUA's first night on the air from inside the stadium will be Monday, April 28th.

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