Triana Residents Fight Proposed Strip Club: “Not The Type Of Growth” They Want

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TRIANA, Ala. (WHNT) -  Triana residents are the first to say they moved to the small town because of its potential for economic growth.

But a controversial business proposal right outside their front doors isn't exactly what they had in mind.

A strip club owner from Birmingham is hoping to expand his business to Triana. Gregory Jackson applied for a liquor license for an "upscale gentlemen's club and restaurant," according to documents WHNT News 19 obtained from the town clerk.

The news isn't sitting well with members of the Savannah neighborhood, off of Wall Triana Highway. They are bringing their fight to the town council in hopes of preventing the development that would be a little too close to home.

While it's safe to say strip clubs are rarely met with enthusiasm from families, Triana the residents feel like the latest proposal is particularly disconcerting.

"This type of business is not necessarily the type of growth we were looking for," said resident Caroline Kaufman.

There are the usual concerns of safety, drugs, crime, and traffic. But all of those worries are made worse by the proposed location.

The gentleman's club would sit on a now empty plot of land directly across from the entrance to the Terrace at Savannah subdivision.

"It'll be the first impression any visitors or potential buyers family or friends come to visit us have of our community as they enter our neighborhood," said Kaufman.

It is not exactly the welcome wagon they envisioned when potential home buyers come to town.

The group of concerned community members will bring their fight to the town council later this week.  They hope the gentleman's club will take the business elsewhere.

"We're going to just continue to voice our opinion and hope the town council listens to what we have to say."

A petition protesting the development has already gained more than 100 signatures. They hope to gather more before a town council meets for a work session this Thursday.

The council plans to vote on the proposal at the end of the month.


  • Johnny

    Well America has become the service industry capital of the world since we no longer manufacture much besides excuses. Better not be too choosey what new business wants to invest in your neck of the woods. That employer may be your next paycheck source.

    • Cat

      Cody you need to drive out to Providence or The Ledges and see where people build houses 8 feet from each other and sell them for millions.

  • dra


  • sane

    Triana does not need a strip club. I agree with dra why not build something that everyone can be proud of. You want to draw in people to live there not run them away.

  • Say What

    Private land owners do not need meddlesome government telling them what they can do with their own land. Where is the Tea Party when you need them to support individual landowner rights?

      • Say What

        The group of concerned community members will bring their fight to the town council later this week. They hope the gentleman’s club will take the business elsewhere.

        “We’re going to just continue to voice our opinion and hope the town council listens to what we have to say.”

        A petition protesting the development has already gained more than 100 signatures. They hope to gather more before a town council meets for a work session this Thursday.

        The council plans to vote on the proposal at the end of the month.

        They plan to use big government to stop this land owner from exercising his rights to land use. I would hope the local tea party members will attend the council meeting and support the landowner. I doubt they will — they only fight what President Obama wants to do!

  • Drak Enrick

    hypocrits ! you will spend your dollars in strip clubs in others neighborhoods but dont want the same in yours. dont deny it, those places are full every payday and most days in between.

    and to the ones wanting to be proud of a chicken joint or burger shack… give me a break, how about something really proud like ANOTHER church to add to the MILLIONS in N.AL. alone. sheesh.

    • Triana Resident

      @ Drak Enrick: I agree with you 100% . What a bunch of hypocrites. They don’t want a strip joint by their house but it’s OK to take that business “somewhere else”. Guess what, that “somewhere else” is Triana, Al.

      It’s OK to have a church at every corner but not a strip joint at every corner. How about the people who don’t go to churches? We are as offended to see churches popping up all over our neighborhood.

      Don’t go dictate our lives. I am a Triana Resident and I want that strip joint to come to my neighborhood. You don’t like it, don’t go there. I don’t like your church. I don’t go there. As simple as that.

  • dra

    bob, this is NOT about learning to type without caps lock turned on… I PURPOSELY wanted the words ALL CAPPED! thanks.

  • Cathy

    Some of you have no class-you attack someone for using all caps-really get a life and then you call people hypocrites you don’t even know -seriously! Sadly girls some underage are trafficked to these places against their will and forced to do more than strip. It should be called a pervert club not a gentleman’s club. You that are for must not have daughters or you don’t care.

    • Drak Enrick

      Ahhh I see, so the truth means you have no class, interesting. The truth is that these places are filled every evening with your husbands, sons, fathers AND some of your daughters. Truth that some women are not there willingly but this is not Bangkok now is it? It also provides an income for many people that actually enjoy the business as well as those that will move on as they are able. Think about this for a second. If the demand was not there for this service it would not exist. I find it amazing that so many faces at church on Wed and Sun are faithfully in attendance at the local strip clubs on Friday night. If the truth hurts ….

      • Cat

        Drak how do you know who the church people are at the clubs? It sounded like you were anti church but you must go to recognize those faces. Also this is not Bangkok because Bangkok is coming to us. 15,000 Asian women are trafficked here each year and sold as sex slaves at strip clubs and massage parlors. You also mentioned demand. Killing Jews was in demand in Nazi Germany but just because there is a demand does not make it right.

    • Triana Resident

      @Cathy: You daughter is old enough to make a decision. You don’t make her decision. Those clubs are regulated and it’s not against the law to dance following the procedures set forth by the club, the city, and the state.

      • Cathy

        You don’t even know I have a daughter-you must think you know me. Obviously if you did you would know my children are too old to be working in strip clubs. I am old and wise and know there is a better way to earn a living and for men to be entertained than watching young girls dance and strip.

  • Cathy

    How do you know that the church people are there unless you are one of those that goes to church and the club-interesting. So you think because there is a demand it’s okay-interesting. Guess what 15,000 girls from Asia are brought into this country each year as sex slaves because of the demand. It’s your kind of mentality that helped Hitler send Jews to their because there was a demand for it.

    • Triana Resident

      @ Cathy: you seem to know this first hand… were you a stripper? What don’t you go to Asia and save them poor girls. Those girls don’t have rights. They are forced to do it. Women in America choose to do it… your poor opinion is a mere drop of water in the ocean… Also, are you saying that people who go to strip clubs are Nazis… what a backward mentality.

  • Nunya Biz

    It’s like this… If you don’t like it don’t go and exercise your right as a citizen to stop it… If you support it then stand behind the land owner… It amazes me to see the lack of respect that some of you have shown all because you don’t agree… As a single mom of 3 I have had to resort to dancing for a fast income to get my kids what they needed after their father left me… It doesn’t make me any less of a person and I promise you wouldn’t be able to tell that I used to do it… And another thing I’m sure you all have been to some club at one point or another maybe not a strip club but still a club, you work all week and get paid then blow the money at a club paying 3-5 dollars for a beer and then get wasted and look like idiots. These women go in and make a living doing the same thing y’all have to pay for. So in actuality they are kind of smart. I’m not saying yes put a strip club in a quite beautiful sub division but don’t try to push a business away just because you don’t agree with what it is. And I’m pretty sure it’s mainly the insecure women who don’t want their hubby’s to have easy access to this. Give him something to stay home for and I’m sure he will be delighted to be there.

    • Cat

      Nunya this isn’t about insecure woman but if you talk to anyone at the human sex trafficking task force strip clubs are one of the places underage girls and young woman are sold for sex. I hate to hear about single women not having a choice but to dance and strip for money but this isn’t about you so don’t take it personal. It’s about being located close to a neighborhood where children play and men will be leaving have drank a little too much. I get it.

      • Will T

        @Cat, you make good points. But if children are out and about during the peak (late) hours when the club is operating, that’s something the parents should be accountable for. I’ve attended strip clubs at one point and time, so I’m no saint. We’ve all done sinful things during our lifetime…so let’s not be so quick to throw stones. As a Govt employee, we receive annual training on sex trafficking and the two main places to find such horrors are at strip clubs and massage parlors, but they are also found elsewhere i.e. regular clubs, bars, liquor stores, porn shops and volunteer/nonprofit establishments.

    • SingleMama

      @Nunya Biz I am also a single mother and I do not work at a strip club. That is what you had to do for your family I understand I am not judging you. However I do not want a strip club literally right down the street from where I live. My fear is my safety I do not have a fence in the back of my house. My children play outside. We are free in between wall Triana in the road that would make Harold Murphy Dr a major intersection between those two streets. I worry about the resale value of my home.

  • Cathy

    Such ugly rants on this and no one seems to care that strip clubs are one of big sex trafficking places. Selling girls for sex but as you said it doesn’t matter if there is a demand for it. Such a sad state of affairs.

  • Ash

    Why don’t some of you that are for it buy a house right next to it and deal with the problems that accompany it. Living in triana and living literally across the street from this place are 2 completely different things. Why build it there. Is there not some where better suited for this lifestyle and place than families and homes and small children walking past it everyday to even leave the neighborhood?

    • Triana Resident

      @Ash: AI live in Triana and I support business growth in this city. Why are asking business regardless of its nature to relocate. I got an idea, you are the one against it, so why don’t you leave. They are not breaking any laws and they have as much right to be there as any other business.

  • Cat

    Drak this is not Bangkok because they are being brought here at the rate of 15,000 a year and made to be sex slaves. They come thinking they will get work but instead they are sold for sex and never see the money. Strip clubs are one of the places where women and girls are trafficked. Just ask the human sex trafficking task force in Madison County. I find it interesting that you don’t go to church and yet you recognize the faces of the church people. You talk about demand-there was a demand for Jews to be gassed in Nazi Germany-just because there is a demand does not make it right. This isn’t about church people or insecure women as Nunya suggest. It’s about being across the street from a neighborhood where there are children and men leaving most likely having had to much to drink.

  • Terry Le Dactyl

    The proposed location is extremely close to Hwy 565, Zierdt and Martin Rd SW which leads into Redstone Arsenal.

    The owners of “The Furnace” have carefully chosen this location to pull in Army Soldiers; Personnel and the Engineer; Scientists who congregate in Research Park.

    It might not be appropriate to see Soldier Ninjas and Cigar smoking Engineers get into drunken brawls over lap dancing strippers in the new, clean and upscale neighborhoods south of 565.

  • Graciela Pineyro

    Build something that enhance people lives not a deprivation place where women are used and abuse for money ! And men leave their salary instead feeding their children!!! I say a big NO!!!

  • Curious

    Wait a minute…….wasn’t there a strip club named Fat Cats out in Triana for years??? It may still be there and/or under a different name. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard people make jokes about going to Fat Cats forever!!! ???????

  • 4 yr resident

    Maybe the strip club could help fund another policeman or a fire department. Just tell the strippers not to drink the water…

  • ariel

    such a waste of money and resouces, thats exactly what alabama needs more prostitutes, strippers, and drunk perverts.

  • Nunya Biz

    Is really boils down to people thinking they are better than others. There are strip clubs everywhere. Some of these women choose to do it and some don’t. If there is a task force for sex trafficking then I’m sure it will be handled appropriately and if your so worried then become an advocate. It amazes me to see do many people talk about what needs to be done or what should be done but yet no one takes action. You can talk about the grass be to high all day long but guess what if you don’t get up and now it it’ll still be the same tomorrow. Don’t just talk about it be about it. Otherwise calm down because stress and anger are both big triggers for heart disease. FYI. I live on Harold Murphey.

  • Triana Resident

    @ Ariel: We have more churches in Triana that Strip clubs in the HSV. I don’t see any good it does. It’s the same people who go to churches that go to them clubs. What’s your problem? If you don’t like a restaurant you don’t go eat there. If you don’t like Wal-mart, don’t go shop there. If you don’t like a strip club, don’t go there and stop trashing the pro business people who want to prosper in this city.

  • Arionna

    I don’t like the location but all these people who are say they don’t want thus in your community, shut up. There are strip clubs in the city of Triana should already and maybe if you were really from there you would know. That subdivision wasn’t there 10 years ago and I would put money down that this the first time you have ever claimed of living in Triana. Only if they knew that building right at the corner was a biker bar, do you even what the river club was? I think they should put it in the old bingo building (Triana residents know where that is) it’s in walking distance from the current proposed location. My personal dislike of the location is because I was raised in that field, not because of the new community of Savannah. I watched as all of those houses were thrown together and when they started tearing down trees. How is it your community also when your kids have a different bus than the Triana residents kids? The new communities have one bus and the residents who have lived since the store was open and chicken shack were open, have a different one. You do even know that there is a shit plant down the road? You people of residents of Madison. Not Triana.

  • Jo

    To each his own…I could give 2 tickets if you go to strip clubs. The point is it’s location! I have two young children and it only takes ONE stupid drunk person behind the wheel to kill someone! Oh, and please don’t tell me that places is only open on weekends and nights! Our house values are going to crash because let’s be honest here who would want to live next to a strip joint?! And you know what, people don’t even want to live next to a restaurant, gas station, store or whatever else. So come on now, there has to be another spot where they can build that could satisfy them and the residents. If they build it they might bring in money for the town but they will kill anybody’s chances of making their money back on their property. This will ruin a lot of people!

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