Operation Stand Down Collecting Pennies to Help Veterans

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There is an effort underway to collect pennies to help some 300 local homeless veterans.

Operation Stand Down started its Pennies for Veterans fundraiser on Friday, April 18th.  Organizers are asking people to donate their pennies or spare change to help their mission take care of veterans in need.

Operation Stand Down just moved into a new office at 4000 Marie Avenue.

The new location will provide veterans access to a shower, clothes, food and other basic necessities.

Operation Stand Down is staffed by volunteers and supported by donations and grant money.  The group's focus is to help veterans who are having trouble adjusting to civilian life get back on their feet and live independently.

Sandra Childress is vice president for the organization and says 80 percent of veterans they help are able to come off of the streets.

The Pennies for Veterans fundraiser will continue through May 9th.  If you'd like to donate, you can drop the money off at the new office on Marie Avenue or call the organization for someone to pick it up.  Contact Sandra Childress at (256) 684-6521.



  • Skillpot

    Is penny-anti the best that can be done? Seems to my the VA, VFW, and DAV could do a better job, but, go figure.

    But, some people you just cannot get to get-off-their-feet, and move forward!

    How much more can I give? I contribute to the DAV, and VFW each year, but seems there is no end to the challenges for more!

    You gotta remember, those ads on TV, solicit contributions, but, I am told that 25% of each dollar is skimmed off the top, then administration, before a Veteran gets a penny!

  • August

    Operation Stand Down ALREADY gets paid for the homeless veterans with Per Diem payments from the VA to jam-pack the homeless veterans in their prison-like HELL-HOLE shelter.

  • Erin

    The prison like hell hole is better than nothing at all. Try being homeless for a while. Hot running water and a (bathroom) is something not offered under a bridge. OSDH is doing what can be done with what they have. There are rules and guidelines that have to be considered before anything is done. Believe me when I tell you, OSDH wants to do so much more than what has been done but there is always someone or something in the way. Nothing is free. That hell hole of a prison has it’s price as well. Unless you want to foot the bill yourself for better accommodations, why don’t you come volunteer and help rather than put them down for doing what they can.

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