North Alabama Runners Return To Boston Marathon

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Around 36,000 runners took part in the 118th Boston Marathon Monday.

Many considered it a time to heal after last year's bombings killed three and injured more than 200 others.

We talked to a Huntsville native who watched the race first hand this year.

You may actually remember Andrew Hobbs. We spoke with him last year after the bombing. He described it at the time, "Just a flood of people started running, and my buddy was like, 'What was that?' I started to realize what was going on. It was just pandemonium trying to leave. I was two blocks away, and I was able to hear it."

He came out again this year to watch his girlfriend and her family run.

Hobbs definitely noticed the stepped up security keeping the race flowing, "Right there at the halfway point, they did have a bomb robot and all the technician were there with it, and the military police were right there too."

He adds, "It is definitely a much heavier security presence here. You can't actually watch someone cross the finish line at the finish line. You have to be a ways up on either side, because it's protected."

But strength pervades over fear.

Hobbs summarizes the experience by saying, "The atmosphere in Boston has been awesome."