Jackson Co. Leaders Work To Find Other Options As TVA Funds Dwindle

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JACKSON CO., Ala. (WHNT) -- Jackson County leaders are working to determine options as a source of the county's funds decrease.

A portion of Jackson County's operating budget comes from TVA funding. Those 'in lieu of tax' funds come from TVA properties in the county.

Commissioners say those funds are decreasing, and a committee designated to appropriate that money is doing what it can to find out its options.

Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says that decrease in funding will affect everyone in the county.

"As we continue to see the TVA in lieu of tax funds drop, it's really hurting the economy here in Jackson County," Hodges says.

County Commissioners say they say those funds make up a large portion of the money that goes to entities like the schools, the Sheriff's Office and other civic organizations.

Hodges says a TVA run entity might be shutting down.  "With the possibility of the coal plant shutting down here in Jackson County we're going to see those, we suspect those taxes, the in lieu of taxes, will drop even lower."

Hodges is on the committee designated to handle the funds. He says the committee is doing what it can to work with TVA to keep their entities in the county, and they're working to find other sources of revenue to make up for the reduction in funding.


  • mamac

    I got an ideal “leaders” go after the ones that DO NOT have a business license and endorsements that is or was operating a business .. And also you can go back 4 years on the so called business that isn’t even operating now..Or operating under a different name.. I had to meet my obligations..But others think they don’t and can get by with it…Off of one business you can collect a lot of money not to mention all the interest…Cause it isn’t right to go after all the people in Jackson county by putting a $5.00 tag fee on cars and boats.You could go after people that are trying to get by without paying all the fees for the
    licenses.Jackson County had a business license inspector at one time.. Don’t go after the people of Jackson County that are doing what they are pose to be doing the ones that are abiding the law.

    • American

      I have worked at Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Alabama . I have seen first hand the waste of money that TVA has blown through at this location. The bottom of the AUX Builing floods everytime it rains and they want to try and make it a live nuc plant ?? It is way out of date ! Yet they pay people 100,000 a year to run maintenance of the grounds ? One guy Stan Whitehurst makes $1,000 dollars a day 4 days a week. And does nothing but gives a speech every couple of weeks . TVA and unions is a joke !

      • mamac

        Way to go AMERICAN ..Bout time someone hit the nail on the head..When we the people get sick and tired of being pushed around we will stand for something instead of falling for anything..

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