Free Clothes for the Needy: Monrovia Church of Christ Offers Clothing In Free “Store”

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Piles of clothes line pews in Monrovia Church of Christ. Over the rest of the week, volunteers will take care of that

Project Co-Coordinator Summer Darnell explains, "Three to four times a year, we open up our sanctuary, and we spend about a week transforming it from our church auditorium into a shopping floor."

They've given away a lot of clothes over the past few years. Darnell says it's over 25,000 items since 2012.

Some of those stand out more than others.

"We worked with an older lady that came in, and she only had two pairs of socks," Darnell remembers, "She would wear a pair one day, and then she would wash it the next day."

That's what keeps them on pace. Stories like that. Helping people that need it.

Think about what clothes can mean for you. A sharp outfit can catch the eye of the love of your life. Having a tie to wear to an interview, could land you the job that changes everything.  A new pair of sneakers can get a kid out the door to meet new friends in the neighborhood.

This project creates opportunities. It fills a need that the fortunate among us often take for granted.

Like a week's worth of socks.

Here, they listen for those needs.

Darnell updates,"One of the things that we strive to do here is provide new clean socks and underwear for everyone. So in addition to the used clothing we have, we also give away new socks and underwear."

If you have a need for clothes of almost any kind, you'll find this sanctuary probably has plenty in stock.

The sale - of sorts - will run from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm this Saturday at Monrovia Church of Christ. That's at the intersection of Nance and Capshaw.

Church representatives say they have all the donations they can handle right now.  All that's left is to distribute them.