Could this technology revolutionize TV as we know it?

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(Image Credit: Dolby via CBS News)

Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) – If you follow technology even a little, you’ve probably heard of Dolby. The company’s known for its quality sound systems.

Now it has a new pet project – imaging technology – that could revolutionize what you see on screens large and small.

Despite televisions getting larger and brighter, they can still only show roughly one-third of the colors the human eye sees. Dolby hopes to change that with Dolby Vision.

“Dolby Vision brings to the consumer the things that he’s always been looking for,” explained David Brooks, Senior Director of Technology Strategy for Dolby, in a recent for CBS News report. “High brightness display, but one that retains the contrast, the colors that you can see in the real world.”

Dolby Vision aims to provide 40 times the brightness of modern TVs; colors that are more saturated, bright objects still rich in detail and highlights that are vivid and clear.

“Fire [for example] is incredibly bright and it’s incredibly colorful,” Brooks said. “The two today just can not be displayed on today’s television receivers. You can bring a lot more emotion and feel to the content.”

Color has a big impact on how we respond to what we see. Adjust the coloring even a little and the entire mood or focus in a scene can change. Should Dolby Vision take off, it could change how Hollywood imagines movies and studios imagine hit shows.

Sharp and TCL TVs featuring Dolby Vision will be available to consumers later this year.

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  • mickmoore

    I’ve read several stories about “Dolby Vision”, and it would seem Dolby has some kind of different story every time I read it! The fact is that all of this is a manipulation of the original picture captured by the camera. It’s a fraud.

    This, plus the enormous electrical consumption of a “Dolby Vision” TV set, show how much nonsense this is.

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