Today: Calhoun Community College’s Decatur Campus to Conduct Training Drill

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DECATUR, Ala. – Students from the Emergency Medical Services and Nursing programs at Calhoun Community College will conduct a mock mass casualty training drill today (Thursday, April 24) beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the area of the Aerospace Training Center and the Health Sciences Center on the Decatur campus.

The mock disaster will simulate a scenario involving a threat to persons/property which has just occurred on campus. The specific circumstances of the mock disaster will not be announced in order to preserve the “realness” of the event. Past mock drill scenarios have included a bus crash, bomb threat, and an active shooter incident. So that students, staff and visitors to the campus will not confuse the drill with a real situation, notices will go out across the college and signs indicating a training drill is currently underway will be posted in the area of the activity.

Calhoun nursing students will receive the “patients” from the EMS students for treatment at the college’s “hospital”, located in the Health Sciences Center. In addition to Calhoun EMS and Nursing faculty, Calhoun Police and Security personnel and area fire, EMS agencies, area police departments and air medical flight services from MedFlight will participate with the students in this endeavor.

According to coordinators of the drill, approximately 15 simulated casualties will be a part of the exercise. The patients will be portrayed by Calhoun Allied Health students, who will have a full range of mock injuries.

“This exercise will provide a unique, real-world learning experience for our students as they gain useful training with area rescue professionals,” commented Bret McGill, Calhoun’s dean for Health Sciences. “In light of the increasing number of acts of violence occurring on school campuses, we felt that this drill is very timely for our students as they prepare for their healthcare careers and also serves as a good learning experience for all of our students, faculty and staff,” added McGill.

– Information provided by Calhoun Community College