Man Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges

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Tracy Skinner (Photo: Jackson County Sheriff's Office)

Tracy Skinner (Photo: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — An investigation into a neglected herd of cattle ended in 33 arrest warrants being issued for one man.

Tracy Stephen Skinner, 48, of Pisgah faces 21 counts of Cruelty to Animals, 9 counts of Failure to Bury Livestock, and three counts of Health-Dead Animals (allowing dead livestock to contaminate waterways).

The Jackson County Sheriffs Office Animal Control and Criminal Investigations Divisions conducted the investigation,

Skinner was booked in the Jackson County Jail on Friday evening. His bond was set at $16,000.



  • Austin Carter

    Guys you don’t know this person’s backstory. He was sick with hepatitis z and couldn’t move his legs for a month

  • FU

    Tracy is a good guy with a good heart….so what if he messed up!! Let those without fault cast the first stone….Sounds like we gotta lotta perfect folks running their mouths about something they don’t know about! Ya’ll folks aint complaining when you buying those steaks and eating that bacon!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Where's the Justice?

    I have been reading all the news on this case. I still don’t understand why Tracy Skinner’s farm hands were not charged as well when they were responsible for tending to the cattle and working the farm. Any time I’ve heard of people knowing an injustice has occurred and failed to report it they are considered an accessory to the crime. If 150 were abused/neglected do you really think the farm hands had no knowledge? They should be charged at least with accessory to the crime! They didn’t get malnutrioned overnight…they too HAD to know. What an injustice to animal rights. They should all be charged. If a child is abused and you fail to report it don’t that make you just as guilty?

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