Huntsville Church Hosts ‘Stations of the Cross’ Event

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We can expect good weather this Easter weekend. Many in our community are focused on Good Friday. One church is helping everyone understand the true joy of Easter.

Jana Williams believes there is only one way to understand Easter.

“We need to understand the suffering that came along before and how difficult it was for Christ,” said Williams.

The Weatherly Heights Baptist Church minister organized the 'Stations of the Cross' event. It takes people on a journey to 14 stations along the Aldridge Creek Greenway. Participants hear scriptures and stories telling how Jesus did the walk leading up to his crucifixion.

“Most people that are here know the story of Jesus Christ in his last days, even though they are glad to be here participating, once you get going there is an opportunity to carry a very hot and heavy large cross,” added Williams.

Ed Gniadek picked up the cross.

“It was taking me back in time and thinking of Jesus when he was carrying the cross, what it was like for him and thinking of what he went through,” said Gniadek.

Williams calls 'Stations of the Cross' more than a skit.

“It becomes so much more once the interaction between the actors and participants blend,” added Williams.

Williams is proud of the cooperation among several churches.

“We are all different churches and denominations. We're all Christians and believe in one God. We are here to celebrate and observe the solemn day together,” added Williams.

William's husband started 'Stations of the Cross' nine years ago. She puts on the event every Good Friday.