Building Church: Easter A Time of Renewal No Matter Where You Are On Spiritual Journey

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It may be easy to feel down-trodden amid what seems like constant news of international tragedies, mass fatalities and global conflict - but Easter for many is time to celebrate renewal. One local church, like thousands across the country this weekend, is preparing to use the Easter message to renew faith for everyone - not just the avid church-goer.

"You know, Easter for us is of course all about hope."

Pastor David Purcifull of Huntsville's Building Church is preparing a Sunday message about the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - and about the relatable tribulations of Peter and his fellow disciples.

"But also for people that are going through same thing the disciples went through - difficulties and tragedies," Purcifull explains.

He says in a time where losing faith can find you fast, the Easter message can be a rescue.

"Even when it seems like all hope is lost, it's not really lost," the pastor promises. "And that the story is not exactly the way we think it's always going to turn out and that a tragedy, a loss, a death turned into an amazing victory for all of us."

And he means for all of us. Non-denominational houses of worship like Building Church put forth a vision of inclusiveness, Purcifull says. A place to belong - a no dress code, come-as-you-are, judgment-free mentality - no matter where you are on your spiritual journey - even if you only step foot in a church on Easter morning.

"We welcome people like that. The very reason that God has the church on this Earth is for those that are struggling and for those that are not yet part of the church."

Easter: a celebration and an opportunity.

"It's difficult - I know it's difficult - and we see tragedies and difficult things going on in our world. It just kind of shakes us a little bit in our faith, but Easter brings us back," Purciful smiled.

For information about Building Church's Easter Sunday Services visit their website here.