Appeals Court Grants Hearing for Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman

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Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman

ATLANTA, Ga. (WHNT) – The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted a hearing for former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, who continues to appeal his sentence from prison.

WHNT News 19 spoke with Siegelman’s son, Joseph, who confirms the hearing is scheduled for the week of July 28.

Siegelman is serving 78 months in federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana after being convicted of bribery and corruption.  We asked Joseph how his father is doing.

“Dad is fine. He is high-spirited and has a lot of fight left in him,” son Joseph said.

Siegelman’s lawyers have been pushing for this appeal.  The court has been preparing documents, which are numerous considering the long history of this case.  Much of the evidence is still under seal, also.  The court filed a certificate of readiness on March 31 to confirm the records were ready.

Siegelman’s daughter, Dana, has led a campaign for Siegelman to be pardoned, petitioning President Obama through

Here is more coverage of the Siegelman case on

Below is an interview WHNT did with Siegelman in August 2012, before he reported to prison.


  • Hayley

    I am very glad his appeal is coming up. Having met him several times I was always impressed with him. Obviously the People responding negatively don’t know him at all or care anything about justice.

  • Bob

    Hayley it has nothing to do with knowing him personally and thinking he is a good man. Obviously he had you fooled as well as many others. He broke the law and his is a criminal so he deserves nothing more than to serve his time ! Let this be an example to all politicians and representatives. They are supposed to be for the people…. if not then they need to find a new job and waste their own money, not our taxpayers money that we have to work for.

  • Mickey

    To those of you that know nothing about the case and those of you that think you do, I suggest you take the time to read the charges, and then take the time to read the complete case, then you will be in a position to make a statement. At this time it’s circumstantial and hear say, this is what put this man behind bars. All of you that know nothing, but continue to print thoughts of hatred and ignorance, learn the facts before you print your words of hate.

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