Popular Eateries Not Keeping a Clean Kitchen

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Hardee's at 1369 8827 Highway 20 in Madison: Score of 82
• Raw chicken cold holding at 56 degrees F.
• The soda nozzles were dirty. (drive through and self-service)

Venice Pizza 6610 Old Madison Pike in Huntsville: Score of 83
• Pizza hot holding at 69 degrees F.
• Beef cooked several days prior was without proper date marking.

Outlaw Steakhouse at 4641 Wyeth Drive in Guntersville: Score of 72
• Unlabeled cleaner bottle.
• Baked potatoes in oven after service at 100 degrees, failing to date mark ready to eat foods in cooler.

Golden Spoon:

Taco Bell 1801 Highway 72 East in Huntsville: Score of 99

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  • KB

    Wonder if the people that work here keep their food out on the counter or even clean their kitchens at home? This is food people!!! You can actually kill someone! TIGHTEN UP!!!! Food poisoning is a miserable and painful thing to endure! Which is why I rarely eat out anymore.

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