Popular Eateries Not Keeping a Clean Kitchen

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Hardee’s at 1369 8827 Highway 20 in Madison: Score of 82
• Raw chicken cold holding at 56 degrees F.
• The soda nozzles were dirty. (drive through and self-service)

Venice Pizza 6610 Old Madison Pike in Huntsville: Score of 83
• Pizza hot holding at 69 degrees F.
• Beef cooked several days prior was without proper date marking.

Outlaw Steakhouse at 4641 Wyeth Drive in Guntersville: Score of 72
• Unlabeled cleaner bottle.
• Baked potatoes in oven after service at 100 degrees, failing to date mark ready to eat foods in cooler.

Golden Spoon:

Taco Bell 1801 Highway 72 East in Huntsville: Score of 99


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