Deal or Dud: “Ice Cream Magic” is Debatable

The Ice Cream Magic cost $9.99.
It claims to make ice cream in three minutes by just shaking it and making it.
But as you are about to see, there are easier ways to make ice cream.

Making the ice cream with the Ice Cream Magic has a lot of steps.....and it doesn't make a lot. It's definitely a single serve option.

The Ice Cream Magic comes with directions and you will need them. It's not complicated, but there are several steps.

The first thing you do...put crushed ice in the bottom half. Then you put salt and water in the bottom half to accelerate the cold process you need to make ice cream. Sort of like using rock salt in a big ice cream maker. The next set of steps involves making the ice cream. The directions also have recipes for different flavors.  We chose vanilla.

In the top half, you put heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and sugar. The amounts are in the directions. And then the work part of this that, we think, makes it a kids toy. You shake the Ice Cream Magic for three minutes... Yes... three minutes.  In my world, that is a workout.

To make sure we had some super cold ice cream, we went an extra 30 seconds. And our ice cream was more syrupy. Most of it did not freeze into ice cream. What did freeze around the bottom.....was pretty good.

The Ice Cream Magic... it's a mixed bag.

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