Tennessee Landfill Workers Rescue Puppy from Certain Death

DICKSON, Tenn. – Three workers at a trash transfer station in Dickson, Tennessee are credited with saving a puppy’s life.

They found the puppy near death at the local landfill on what was a typical day for them. The workers come here everyday, with truck after truck hauling away the unwanted, unusable and the unknown.

23-year-old Troy Holt has moved trash at the Dickson Solid Waste Center. The days he will tell you tend to blend together. But sitting in his front end loader, he heard something.

“Yeah, yeah it’s real loud but I heard it anyway I wasn’t for sure but I thought I heard something then I started listening a little harder and stopped and sure enough, there that puppy was,” said Holt.

The puppy, he said, had been thrown out in the trash like a used soda can or rotten banana. He was all dirty and wet he was a white looking dog, just pitiful looking.

“I don’t know to be honest with you, as loud as it is in there I’m surprised he did hear it, just a lucky day,” said Holt.

Troy’s coworkers helped him get the pup to safety gave him water, then brought the pitt bull mix to a nearby animal shelter where he was given the name “Midas.”

“It’s sad, it’s sad that the little pup had a collar and all on him,” said Holt.

The trucks here come from all over Dickson County. Officials have no way of telling where the dog came from. Even these workers don’t know how he survived being crushed in the back of garbage truck.

Cats are typically known for having more than one life, and while Midas may be a dog, he’s the one being given a second chance to live.

After a few days at the vet, Midas was released to a foster home, where he is doing much better.

Officials said if this was done intentionally, the person responsible could face serious animal cruelty charges


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