Kids to Love: 3 Siblings Find Forever Family

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An update to this story about a sibling group of three.  After five years in foster care, they’ve been adopted!

Parker, 14, is in the ninth grade.  He makes A's & B's, his favorite subject is history and he likes to wrestle. "I'm such a competitor. Basically I like to compete." Parker said.

Baby sister Lily is nine & in the fourth grade. She loves art and she beams when she talks about it. "It just... I like is so much, I just wanna grow up and be an artist."

Middle brother Zack is thirteen, in the seventh grade--and he wants to find a forever home.

“Knowing there`s someone always there for me, because then I won`t have to worry about .. like to be with somebody I know I can be forever.” Zack said.

In addition to art, Lily also likes to write; now she can write a happy ending for her family.