Ask Your Date to Prom with a KFC Chicken Corsage

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KFC chicken corsage

(WHNT) – It’s one way to ask a girl to prom.  KFC is cashing in on prom season with its newest line of chicken corsages.

It’s definitely different. We have to wonder what her parents will think when you present your girlfriend with this corsage.

KFC chicken corsage

KFC chicken corsage, available online through Nanz & Kraft Florists

KFC released a video that shows a funny take on all of it. It’s part of the company’s new #HowdoyouKFC marketing campaign.

Customers can order the chicken corsage online through Nanz & Kraft Florists – it will arrive without the chicken, but with a $5 KFC gift check where you can customize the corsage with a fresh piece of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

In the video, the guy goes for Original Recipe.

KFC invites couples to Tweet their pictures of chicken corsages to @kfc.  They’re getting good response already.



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