Three Dead in Shootings at Jewish Facilities in Kansas City Suburb

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A suspect was arrested at the Valley View Park Elementary School in Overland Park, Kan. KCTV

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (CBS/CNN) — Shootings at Jewish-related locations in a Kansas City suburb left three people dead on Sunday and a suspect was in custody, CBS affiliate KCTV reported.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office officials name the suspect as Frazier Glenn Cross. 

Investigators are looking into what weapons were involved. So far, Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass says the shooter used a shotgun.

One shooting was reported about 1 p.m. Sunday at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, according to an Overland Park Fire Department spokesman. This happened at the Lewis and Shirley White Theatre inside the center.

About 75 people were inside the theater, most of them children, KCTV said.

Teens were auditioning for KC Superstar and parents were frantically trying to get to their children. One of the dead was killed in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City.

A second shooting was reported at Village Shalom, an assisted living center on West 123rd Street in Overland Park.

The suspect was arrested at the Valley View Park Elementary School, a mile away from Village Shalom. KCTV reported the suspect appeared to yell “Heil Hitler” as he was being led away in handcuffs by Overland Park police.

Police said one person was killed in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center.

Authorities also confirmed that a one person was undergoing surgery at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. It wasn’t immediately clear whether that one person died in surgery and was one of the three dead or was a fourth person shot.

Worried relatives of residents told KCTV that Village Shalom has been placed on lockdown.

Phyllis Cantor, who is undergoing rehabilitation at Village Shalom, said she heard the sound of sirens. She said many police officers are at the scene and their focus appeared to be on a white car in the parking lot.

Douglass also wouldn’t say whether the shootings were anti-Semitic hate crimes. He said authorities are evaluating comments that the suspect made after he was arrested.

“We are sifting through and vetting those for accuracy, number one, and number two, we’re looking at them for their evidentiary value,” the police chief said. “It is too early to tell you what he may or may not have said. We’re trying to determine that at this time.”



      • Wake Up

        How many died in the school stabbings? We would be better off all day long with more stabbings with critical injuries than shootings with DEATHS.

      • Wake Up

        Nothing will be done. If burying twenty little children did not change things — nothing will. We will just keep putting the bodies in graves. When Australia had a similar experience, they did something about it. They have not had a mass shooting since that time. America will not follow their example.

      • David Carroll

        This is just the price we pay to have the right to bear arms in an unregulated manner. Enough people think that the cost is worth it that nothing will change.

      • Me

        I asked what you think the solution is. It seems that someone as opinionated as yourself would have the “perfect solution” all planned out. Enlighten us all

    • B

      Can you come up with something better than “just another day in gunland”?
      Every inceodent involving a gun you have the same ignorant comment.
      Most mass killings aren’t even gun related, it’s explosives and guess what… Their not legal! Just because you put tighter laws on something or try and make it illegal and take guns from the people that does not mean this will end, do you honestly think that all the thugs and gang bangers are just going to hand their weapons over to the authority’s because it’s the law? So now I’m asking you, what is your solution old wise one? While you and your liberal buddies figure out the solution I’ll still be carrying my .40, not because I feel the urge to shoot anyone. I pray I’m never in the situation that I need to, but if the time comes I will be prepared, because I do feel responsible for protecting myself and my family

      • Wake Up

        Your post makes it clear that you are afraid of only “gang bangers” and “thugs.” That is very telling.

      • Wake Up

        Actually, Truth, that is not the truth! I own guns myself. I feel we should learn a lesson from Australia. Citizens in Australia can own guns. They just have to prove that they are proficient at using and storing their guns. I love my 2nd Amendment rights friends that feel this one amendment is sacred over all the other amendments. In the name of safety, we limit the 1st Amendment. Republicans today are doing all they can to limit the Constitutional right to vote without encumbrances. I do not see the gun people making the same “the Constitution is sacred” argument when the Constitutional limits fits their world view.

        Some will argue that the Heller decision is the reason that they support the right for individuals to bear arms. If some Supreme Court in the future decides that the 2nd Amendment was speaking of militias and not personal rights, that same group of people will cease to hide behind the Supreme Court for their arguments! They only cling to the Supreme Court when it suits their purpose, and will call them a bunch of activist judges when it does not!

  • Jessica

    If guns were illegal , this couldn’t have happened!!!! We all know criminals abide by the law and would hand over their fire arms!

      • B

        Yep, let’s just abolish weapons entirely! Glad your son agrees with you! Just goes to show how liberals push their own opinions on the friends and family, never giving them the opertunity to make their own decisions based on their own beliefs…..
        God bless this country!

  • Rick

    I am a gun owner, I have far more guns than most I know. I am an avid hunter for food. I have never killed anyone. But would do so BY ANY MEANS Gun, knife, pogo stick etc. if that was the only option left to me in a situation where I had to protect my family, loved ones, or self. Between myself and my family member we also collect and have many knives also again never went on a rampage hurting or killing people with them either. What I find funny is that all of these pro gun ban people want them gone because of the frequency, the misuse, and lethality of them.. More vehicular manslaughter cases happen every day than any other means.. But there is no cry to ban them and ride horses or walk.. That is because use of a car is convenient to them.. Do not try to say necessary either. convenient. There are also few regulations against owning or aquiring a vehicle illegally and those that are not legal to drive still do so

    • Me

      Exactly, it’s laughable to think criminals (aka the shooters in instances such as this one) are going to follow gun laws!

    • Wake Up

      Rick, it seems that you would also support the selling of high explosive at Lowes and Home Depot.

      You must live in a scary, frightening, world with boggy men (oh, you would call them thugs) around every corner waiting to victimize you!!!!

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