Local Family Reacts To State Representative’s Comments On Interracial Adoptions

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DEKALB CO., Ala. (WHNT) — A recent comment made by State Representative Alvin Holmes has some Tennessee Valley families taking a stand. 

Representative Holmes recently made comments in regards to interracial adoptions in the state. “The majority of white people in the state of Alabama are against adopting black children and the majority of white people in the state of Alabama are against their daughters having babies by black men and I stand by that comment,” Representative Holmes says. 

Parents  gathered at the State House Wednesday to protest what Holmes said.

In the Tennessee Valley, the comments hit home for one DeKalb County family.

“We are a blended family, we are foster and adoptive parents,” Darla Nelson says, “Our adopted children are biracial, and we have had them going on eleven years.”

Nelson has a large family. She has two biological children, two adopted children, and two foster children. “One of the little children we have in foster care is a little white boy, and he’s so light-skinned, he doesn’t look like us either,” Nelson says, “So I’m sure when they see us I’m sure people think my goodness, how did that happen?”

But Nelson says no one ever asks or questions her about her family.

That’s why she says when she heard the comments made by Representative Holmes she was shocked. “You know, it’s sad that we have to talk to our children about people thinking they shouldn’t be living with us, because of their skin color,” Nelson says.

Nelson had made plans to go to the rally and take a stand with the other parents, but she wasn’t able to make it.

She says she talked with her kids about the Representative’s comments. “Then to say they wouldn’t want them because of the color that they are, that was hard to do,” Nelson says.

She says her two kids came into her life, and she says it’s been a blessing.

She says they’re a family, and nothing can change that. “Color doesn’t change the way you feel about a person. Love is love no matter what,” Nelson says, “That’s what we say.  Love has no color.”



  • jeff massey

    Some times, the truth is a painful thing. When Alabama schools were forced to segregate, children had to be bused across town on both sides. After all this time and what do we find? People segregated themselves by moving closer to their children’s school. Now the schools are segregated again by natural selection.It’s human nature to be this way and to deny it means to deny yourself.

    • Bob

      Good job confusing correlation with causation.
      Now why don’t you give yourself a Gold Star and go sit over, in the corner, by yourself.


    Chances are if you took a vote state wide, his statements are probably true regardless if it offends you.

  • ariel

    i cant believe alabama is still stuck on this, most other states are way past this, such a shame alabama is so ignorant.

    • mmm

      Nobody asked me. I would adopt black or white! There are many women like me. It is a mother’s natural instinct to protect a baby they care for regardless if it is blood. look at the animal kingdom….so i guess animals would make better humans than us. hmm.

    • Christopher

      Big Earl, my personal views have nothing to do with my career, but I do not guess you are smart enough to figure that out. If you have a real point to make then share it. Otherwise, you are only revealing your ignorance.

      • Christopher

        In your lack of an intelligible response, I see you have resorted to childish tactics. “for for?” Raise or no raise, I will continue to faithfully do my job. People like you will never understand intrinsic motivation…

      • Big Earl

        Name calling, is that the best a union worker, can come up with? as a great American ,Jerry Clower once said, “some people are educated above their intelligence”.

      • Christopher

        The only one who is name calling is you when you keep referring to me as a “union” worker instead of human who has a right to share his views. If you enjoy reading my comments so much, then you know that AEA is not a true union, as I have repeatedly explained in detail. If you are member of a church congregation, I could call you a union worker for your faith on the basis that you consider AEA to be union. Furthermore, what exactly in my comments are do you consider name calling?

  • Skillpot

    Is ignorance bliss? Sure seems so! Why did God give us the human races? Protection, of course! When you cross the line, in any form, you are joining Satan’s Plan of One World Government! But, wait, is that not in the Plan of God, anyway?

  • mmm

    this is a bunch of BS! What an idiot. I am white, I don’t mind interracial babies. I have one of my own and she is the most beautiful thing ever. I have also given thought to adopting, I would adopt any baby regardless of race.

  • jeff massey

    The man didn’t say ALL Alabamians but just the majority. I suspect that many of the people outraged are in the minority. No need to fight about it really since it is still an individuals right to believe what they want. As a matter of fact, I cant understand the outrage unless the statements were directed specifically at a particular person. I know a few people that doesn’t deserve to be a parent to any child black,white or any other color.

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