Future Teachers Disappointed In Education Budget Signed By Governor

ATHENS, Ala.(WHNT)-Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed the state's education budget Friday, officially ending his push to include a two percent pay raise for teachers.

Lawmakers who passed the nearly $6 billion spending plan last week said there simply wasn't enough money to fund both a raise and a health insurance boost for teachers, with the latter item gaining approval.

Education majors at Athens State University who will soon enter the teaching profession called the news disappointing.

"I just hate that they're not going to get that pay raise," said Chandler Malone, a junior from Athens. "But I know what it's like, what the pay is like. I'm in it for the kids."

"It was pretty disappointing," said Christen Stephens, also from Athens. "I can't wait till I graduate and get out into the education field, and hopefully a pay raise will come with it."

The increase in health insurance spending for teachers totals $64 million. The budget also includes slight increases for transportation and daily operational expenses at schools.

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  • tim

    They should think about a different career. No money in teaching. Common core crap has a lot of current teachers stressed with a full plate and no sign of a raise. I honestly don’t know how the hell they put up with it….

  • screw aarp

    Lets talk about getting out of fourty second place in the united states , then we can talk about union workers pay raises .

  • Nuclear Mike

    Dear ALL State employees…the taxpayers who do not have the benefit of a state job have to balance their home budgets too and we do not see annual revenue increases so neither should you see a pay raise everyyear regardless…the time of shrinking incomes is here.

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