Roller Knights In Arab To Close For Good

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) -- Roller Knights in Arab is going out of business, and rink owners say the closure is due to structural damages that weren't adequately fixed.

Jim Wilhelm and his wife own the popular skating rink in Arab. They've been open for years.

"I feel like we've done a lot of great things for the kids and youth in this community," Wilhelm says.

He says the rink is a safe place where kids can go to hang out, where strict rules are enforced and bad behavior is not tolerated.

The ceiling has a lot of water damage and parts of the rink floor had to be replaced, and those damages are what Wilhelm says has put the rink out of business.

"Basically we've lost a lot of customers due to the skate floor and the condition of the building," Wilhelm says, "We were evicted because we were unable to pay the rent. If you lose revenue you lose the ability to pay the bills."

Wilhelm says the lease states the landlord is responsible to fix any damages. "Had the owner of the building done what he was contracted under the lease to do, we wouldn't be in this situation," Wilhelm says.

At one point Wilhelm says part of the ceiling collapsed while the rink was open. He says they've been asking the landlord to fix the damages, but he says they weren't addressed adequately, and as a result customers have stopped coming. "When you don't pay the rent you have to suffer the consequences but it's more than that," Wilhelm says, "It's principle. I take care of my end he takes care of his end, unfortunately that didn't happen."

We reached out to the building's owner, but at the time he was not able to speak with us.

The rink's last day is Friday. The rink will open at 7 p.m.


  • Brittany

    The roller knights was my second home and I am NOT letting it go without a fight yes people quit coming but the one who’s stayed we are big enough to move mountains and that is exactly what we are going to do

  • Brittany

    Roller knights is more than a skating rink it’s my second home. I am NOT letting it go without a fight. Yes a lot people quit coming because of damages but the ones who stayed we are big enough to move mountains

  • alex

    I think this is a horrible idea people have a life freinds and and none of us are going down without a fight

  • Logan

    If y’all do close the skating rink me and my friends will have to go to the park to hangout. Please don’t close the skating rink. :(

  • Terry Thomas

    Arab does need more eNtertainment for the kids. We have some of the smartest and best children in Alabama in my opinion. As for roller knights there is more to it than meets the eye. The pictures were horrible. But as for the jim wilhelm owner I do not think he should be permitted around children at all. This man invited my son and other children to some property he and his wife or fiance own to play games and hangout. Upon my son’s arrival ‘wilhelm pulls out his pistol and fires it close to my sons feet and and says ” we are not at the rink anymore motherf#$^r!” Would you want your children around this? I’ve heard others have similar stories but I did not hear them 1st hand so I will not comment on them. I’m a proud supporter of the 2nd amendment but I do not condone that type behaviour around any child much less mine. Great things for the children? Comeon, scared my son shooting your gun. Why would you do that? I hope others step up and tell their story now that the gate is open..

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