Morgan County Sheriff Leasing 10 New Patrol Vehicles

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department is updating its fleet. A number of new vehicles will be on the roads soon, some as early as next week. Thanks to a special appropriation from the county commission, they’ll have the very latest equipment.

Some of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department’s vehicles are pretty old, and have a lot of miles. In fact, the department still uses quite a few of the old Ford Crown Victoria police cruisers that aren’t even made anymore. The older the car, the higher the mileage and the more expensive it is to maintain.

Sheriff Ana Franklin says it’s been years since any new cars were purchased, but events like this weekend’s rodeo will make that possible.

“We are lease purchasing 10 new patrol vehicles, and so we’re doing that with our discretionary funds. The county commission agreed to add in over $50,000 into our budget which was already very, very tight last year,” Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin tells WHNT News 19. She adds, “They have really helped us and they are adding that to equip those vehicles with the needed equipment that we have on that.”

In the end, the move will save the county money by leasing the vehicles instead of purchasing outright, and maintenance costs are expected to go down.

Some of the first of those new vehicles are expected to be on Morgan County roadways as early as next week.


    • Michael

      Yep. I’ve seen jail courtyards in better shape than some of the ball fields Morgan County kids play on. Go look at the Sheriff’s Office web page sometime. MCSD has all these nice pictures of their converted motorhome, box trucks, 5 military Humvees, a helicopter, and heavy military trucks, none of which can be cheap to repair and maintain. But now Ana is complaining about their budget being tight? At least I’ll now who not to vote for this summer and/or fall.

  • Bubba

    They should de-fund ALL sports. Law enforcement expenses should have TOP Priority. Leave sports and get an education.!

    • TruthLivesHere

      Although I believe you’re being sarcastic with your statement, I will say this. Sports can lead to an education.

  • tim

    Don’t mind the new equipment its probably needed, but maybe Ana could invest in some copies of the constitution for her and the deputies. specifically review ( 2nd ammendment ) Wouldn’t hurt for her to review Alabama motor vehicle laws with her deputies either. You know things like speeding for no reason !

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