Golfer Nearly Drowns After Falling into Water at Fox Run Golf Course

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MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Emergency medical crews responded to a near drowning at Fox Run Golf Course Thursday afternoon.

A man was golfing near a water hazard with his wife when he slipped on a bank and fell in. A nearby golfer pulled the man from the water.

HEMSI and Madison County Sheriff’s deputies worked on the man for several minutes before transporting him to Huntsville Hospital.


  • Jim M

    Was he knocked unconscious or did he just not know how to swim or was he older? Seems odd to fall in and almost drown unless you are incapacitated or cant swim..

  • Bill Clark

    You know this is really not funny to me or his family. He is my brother in law Mr. Bart Ellis. No there was no beer elderly trying to enjoy life. Was a great father and husband. Yes he did die with a heart attack. Check your obits.

  • LBradley

    My husband was one of the men who tried to help pull him out of the water and work on him till EMTs got there. Such a very sad thing. So sorry for the family. The family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Bill Clark

      Thank your husband for me. That was a kind deed unlike most of the post on here there are kind people in this world. He loved life and had a great humor. He would have been the first to thank your husband and make a big tale out of falling.

  • Tammy Lane

    So very sorry for the families loss. People need to think before they speak. Words hurt very much. God bless this man and his family. Sounds like he was a wonderful man that was just enjoying life. Prayers going up for the family.

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