Update: Murder Charges in Fatal Stabbing

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NEW MARKET, Ala. (WHNT) - Jail records show Daniel Cobb is charged with murder in the fatal stabbing that occurred in Madison County Thursday night.

Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call at a home on Phillips Road around 8:00 p.m. They found Bobby Glenn Pierce dead and Monica Hayes injured at that home.Daniel Cobb

Authorities saw Daniel Cobb leaving that home when they arrived.

Hayes is undergoing treatment at the hospital for her injuries.

Investigators believe all three people live in that home.


    • Red

      You probably think you are making a point of some kind. The message blog has given all kinds of people the mistaken notion that they have something to say. People are still in love with their guns. Usually people without much else.

      • TruthLivesHere

        All I did is challenge Wake Up about his post a couple of days ago about the school stabbings. The one where he basically said knives were safer than guns. I just want to him to opine on this.

    • TruthLivesHere

      I might have used words beyond Wake Up’s vocabulary and understanding. To opine means to tell your opinion.

    • Molon Labe

      Interesting, I always pictures Wake Up to be female. I’ve never met a man who is so terrified of an inanimate object…

    • Wake Up

      How many stories about deaths involve knifes? How many involve guns? I think you can count and be able to understand which is most lethal.

      • Branko Pezdi

        What I and others understand is that the Constitution is still the law of the land, no matter how much you statist jerks wish to destroy it. You’re the one constantly making a fool of yourself with your pathetic set of mindless mantras, the laughingstock of this site. Enjoy your weekend.

      • TruthLivesHere

        It’s funny, you are anti-gun. But if someone broke into your house, the first thing you would do is call 911 and beg for someone WITH A GUN to come to your rescue. Maybe you could fight the intruder off with a knife…

      • Kylie

        Y’all are so ignorant. What if it was your family? You don’t know do you. You don’t know what it feels like for something like this to happen in your family x so go on with your convos about knives and guns. But it takes the person behind the knife or the gun to kill. Y’all grow up people are so immature

  • Carol Tidmore

    This touches many family and friends of Bobby Pierce known as the ( Possum ) Please careful with statements made.We know not the reasons but our hearts are breaking, a life gone forever. Just someone here crying and hurting.

  • David Baldwin

    A man lost his life and you people want to make a debate about guns versus knives? Are you kidding me?! You people make me sick! Everything has to be a controversy to you! People like you need to learn how to just keep your mouth closed! My prayers go out to the families involved in this tragedy.

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