Police Investigate Shooting on Cardinal Drive

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Decatur Police are investigating a shooting that injured one man.

It happened Wednesday night around 6:00 p.m.

Police responded to a call from a parking lot at 324 Cardinal Drive.

They say they found 22-year-old Trever Hampton in the parking lot with two gun shot wounds to his leg.

Police say Hampton would not tell them anything about the shooter, but they say several people were in the area when it happened.

Paramedics took Hampton to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Please call the Decatur Police Department if you have any information.


      • Wake Up

        You are not ready my post correctly again. You do that so often I have to assume it is more than just an accident. What I said was the following:

        Guns = more deaths
        Knifes = fewer deaths

      • Saul Alinsky

        As a community organizer,is this your teachings in the hood, use a knife,not a gun.? your Saul Alinsky teachings,are working on the boyz.WHY?

  • MAG

    I know you like blaming Obama for everything going wrong in this country but you are wrong Branko . The NRA , the 2nd amendment ( which is outdated) and all these people that feel they need to carry a gun everywhere they go is the problem

    • Michael

      So what would you do with this supposedly outdated Amendment? Change it or repeal it? If the former, how?

  • MAG

    Guns only in your home not in the streets . You can’t go around saying anything you want (1st amendment was change) so why should you able to carry a gun any where you like to. More guns only mean more dead people and broken hearts .So is more guns really the answer?

    • Michael

      But you can’t carry a gun any where you like. If someone doesn’t want guns in their home, business, or other property they own then you don’t have the right to carry.

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