The “Burst” a Deal

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The "Burst" is the latest mini-speaker to hit the market. Mini-speakers are perfect, if they work, for trips to the beach or lake. They would probably work for a birthday party also.

We tested the Burst with a decibel counter.   I downloaded some Beethoven on my smart phone. At maximum volume, my phone played the music in the upper sixties to lower seventies.

After plugging the Burst into my phone, the decibel count was easily in the upper nineties and also hit the low hundreds.

The Burst we like. We make it a Deal. It cost $19.99.

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  • BurstBubble

    Loud does not equal quality. What kind of quality do you get with the volume? Is the bass clean or does it clip at higher volume like most small speakers? Is the treble crisp and not over power the midrange quality? We all hear cars running around town that are loud and sound like poop. My phones volume is decent but sounds like poop. Does this product come with a roll of toilet paper or is it exceptional for the 20 bucks?

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