Stay-at-home mothers on the rise in U.S.

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American women are staying home to raise their children in higher numbers.

That’s according to a new Pew Research Center report released Tuesday.

Pew notes an increase in immigrant mothers, more women unable to find work, and ambivalence about the impact on young children, as reasons for the jump in stay-at-home mothering.

As the Associated Press reported via, the share of mothers who do not work outside the home rose to 29 percent in 2012. That’s up from a low of 23 percent at the turn of the century.

The 29 percent includes women who are “married, single, disabled, enrolled in school or unable to find work.”

The largest share of at-home mothers – roughly two-thirds – had working husbands.

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  • Gerald Dunbar

    My wife stays at home with our child. She does so for a multitude of reasons. She stays at home because we feel that her mothering skills are best for our child. Also, when she graduated college, the job market was limited and the chances of her finding employment were slim. We made the decision for her to stay with our child even if the job market opens up. I’d rather have her watching our child.

  • Belinda Winton

    I’m a single stay at home mother. Daycare is too darn expensive now and you can trust anyone to really care for your child.

  • Skillpot

    That is a very good sign of better things to come! Maybe, High Society will permit more, and more mothers to stay home with the children? But, we have so many mothers without a responsible spouse at home, not to mention the limitation of income for just one bread winner!

  • jamison jones

    very bad idea for so many reasons. Now, comments moderator, don’t chop me off! and i will discuss why its such a bad idea all way round.

  • Mel

    I am a stay @ home mother, we have 3 children from ages of 5 to 12. My husband works out of town a lot and makes more than enough money for our family to live so with my education degree we also decided about 2 years ago to homeschool our 3 children using A Beka Acadamey (a Christian based homeschool program) and it has beyond paid off. We researched, prayed, and contemplated the decision and after doing so I have been able to see the benefits of such a lifestyle over and over and over. My children are excelling in their studies and are far more advanced for their ages as this curriculum is a strict and advanced study program. The differences I’ve seen in my children are beyond describable. Many believe that children who aren’t in a public school system or daycare are sheltered and won’t be able to “handle the real world”, but let me tell you with the love, attention, and focus I’m able to give my children as well as their sports and organizational activities they are involved in, they “up to date enough” on the real world; and with all you see and read in the news about public figures (teachers, counselors, coaches, etc) taking advantage of children I have true peace of mind in knowing that my children are safe all while being taught from a Christian perspective how to cope with the harsh world we live in. I hope and pray that more mothers will one day be able to participate in the stay at home side of being a mommy. I was a career woman for many many years, but this is by far more rewarding (and tiring) than anything I’ve ever done. My hat’s off for the stay @ home moms and my thoughts and prayers are with those who can’t be when they want to be as well as those moms who are professionals and work to support their family’s needs.

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