New York Nursing Home Hires Stripper for Visit, Family of Resident Sues

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WEST BABYLON, N.Y. (CNN/WCBS) - A New York nursing home is being sued after strippers put on a show for the elderly residents.

The suit was filed after a family member of a resident found a picture of the event.

"I felt terrible I was shaken and he told me what to do," said Bernice Youngblood, 85.

Youngblood is pictured putting money into a nearly naked stripper's underwear - something she said her nurses made her do.

"They told me what to do," she said.

Youngblood's son, Franklin found out about the incident when he discovered the shocking photo in his mom's drawer. He also says she was forced to tip with her own personal cash which is supposed to be under lock and key by the facility.

"Too much sex and craziness going on now it in the nursing home and it don't belong here," said Franklin Youngblood.

The photo also shows other residents looking on at the East Neck Nursing Center in West Babylon. But it also shows a woman, seemingly enjoying the moment, who nursing home lawyers say belongs to Youngblood's extended family - June Ledress.

"She happens to be the live in girlfriend who holds herself out as the wife of mister Youngblood who is complaining here," said Howard Fensterman, an attorney for the nursing home.

The youngbloods dispute that.

"If you look at the picture it's clear she's a staff member," the family says.

The nursing home attorney says the facility has a board run by elderly residents, pointing out it was them who agreed to the so-called entertainment event.

"They requested it and approved it, they wanted the activity," said Fensterman.

Bobbie Sackman with the Council of Senior Centers and Services says she's never heard of a stripper at a nursing home in her 40 year career and it's inappropriate as group entertainment.

"They do want to have sex at 80 or 90 that is appropriate. This was a situation of a woman with vast Alzheimer's and she didn't know what was going on," said Sackman.

It's a battle hitting everyone from attorneys to residents and it has people here and elsewhere debating just what is appropriate and what isn't, in the senior years.


  • Virginia

    Most of the elderly people in the nursing home have alzheimers or dementia and do not understand what is going on. If someone gave her money and told her to put it in his underwear, she probably did it not understanding why she was doing it. I definitely do not think this should have been an act performed for the elderly. If I was the son, I would be infuriated also.

  • Dac

    While inappropriate, if it was voted on it was voted on. I’m sure anyone who didn’t want to participate didn’t have to. I imagine some excitement meant a lot to these elderly people at the end of their lives and they probably don’t get many reasons to smile let alone be aroused.

  • Cindy

    Old people are human also they are no differ from
    A younger person they just need extra help
    Older people like things like stripper as much as a
    Younger person

  • CNA

    As a care specialist I see how this can be viewed negatively. But, the resident council voted. In the nursing home residents have rights. This is the purpose of the resident council. If this lady has memory issues then how is she recalling that she was told what to do? They are allowed to have the same freedom as we do. As long as no abuse was committed then people should mind their business. Our elderly don’t agree with half the things we do, but we continue to do them. Let them have excitement and laughter. There was no harm done. No abuse. Just some old ladies having fun!! Let them live. Isn’t it bad enough that half of them get thrown in the nursing home and forgotten about?

    • Brenda Brooks

      If you are a care specialist, then i am too!! But, since you are just a CNA you’re not a specialists in anything, except to help take care of these people. I sure wouldn’t want you taking care of my loved one!! Admit it, you’re the one that liked the stripper!!!!

  • Shell

    SERIOUSLY…. maybe if they had performed for FREE… but when you take the MONEY of an Alzheimer’s patient and tell them OR DONT tell them to give it to this man is wrong. Its put up for their CARE not to give to a 98% naked man just there to make money from unknowing old ladies! I KNOW some of these ladies have a lot of money coming to them! This is disgraceful and whomever voted FOR this should be fired! I hate to think how many patients needed a CNA and they are all busy giving these ladies money away! UNBELIEVEABLE…I see bankruptcy in this facilities future HAHAHA GOOD LUCK TO YA …

  • KB

    If she was so traumatized why did she have a photo in her drawer? I would think that she wouldn’t care to have a memory of it.

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