Limestone Mother Dies Saving Her Children From Burning Trailer

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - An update on a Limestone County fire from late last month. The woman who was severely burned when a fire destroyed her mobile home on March 28 has died. Family members say 45 year old Dominga Lorenza died trying to save her children.

Nothing left in the charred remains of what was once a family's home. In fact, few things are even recognizable, a sink, an old kerosene heater, a child's bicycle. 45 year old Dominga Lorenza was taking a bath that morning when the children ran to tell her there was a fire. Fire fighters tell us she tried to fight the blaze. Family members say she searched the trailer to make certain the children were out before she escaped. By then she was badly burned. One medic was overheard to say she had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 90% of her body. The prognosis from the beginning was bad.

Edna Garrett lives nearby and when she saw the smoke pouring our of the trailer, she ran toward the burning home to see if she could help anyone. "And I seen this lady and she was dragging herself out to the tree over here and I told her let's get away from the heat and then I brought her across the street and I told some man to bring a blanket or something to cover her up because she was burnt bad."

Mrs. Lorenza died from her injuries over the weekend. Her husband and children are staying with friends until they can begin to put their lives back together.

Friends of the two families are hoping the public may be able to help them. The Lanza family, who lived in the mobile home back here that essentially survived the blaze, they're having to replace many of their personal effects that were damaged or destroyed by the heat and smoke. The Gonzalez family, however, they lost everything, and on top of that, they're trying to raise money right now to pay for a funeral.

We contacted both families Wednesday afternoon. The Lanzas tell WHNT News 19 they would prefer all offers of help be directed toward the Gonzalez family.

For information on how to help the Gonzalez family, call their family friend who is bilingual and helping the family with many of the issues they're suddenly facing.  Her name is Vanessa Soto. She, too, is staying with the family for now helping with the children. Her telephone number is 520-455-7259. The Landa's, who lived in the trailer behind the gonzalez family, told us late this afternoon they would rather any help go to their neighbors, the Gonzalez.


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