Shoals Families Remember Homicide Victims

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT)  - People waited patiently to enter the gym at the United Methodist Church in downtown Florence.

The line was out the door. Families from across the Shoals gathered to celebrate the life of their loved ones who were victims of a homicide.

Among the crowd was Kami Dale. Her older brother Brioni Rutland was a victim of a homicide in 2013.

"I'm here for justice for my brother Brioni Rutland. He was killed in November," said Dale.

Every year, the organization "Victims of Crime and Leniency" put on a candlelight vigil and a celebration of light event.

This year, the event brought together resources to help the families of homicide victims.

President Denny Kimbrel says there's only one main purpose behind this event.

"It's about victims coming together. And remembering their loved ones. And sharing the friendship that we've made through the years," said Kimbrel.

Kimbrel says the families create a strong bond.

"As they go through the court system we become more than friends almost like family. We don't choose to be the victims," said Kimbrel.

Victims like Dale, who says she is just now coping with the death of her brother.

"It's going to harder then it's going to get easier. It just takes time," said Dale.

A process which only time can heal.


  • shannon

    This is an amazing group when it is properly directed and not used to intimidate and abuse victims families of violent crimes. Last night I brought my son’s picture (Mitchel Campbell) to the vigil to be displayed and because he was murdered by one of their own (Lauderdale County Officer) I was told my sons photo did not belong on the wall of victims. My son’s death was ruled a homicide and he was unjustly murdered and court documents will prove that. The autopsy report alone states Homicide. My son, Mitchell Campbell deserves to have his loving face displayed just as much as any other family.

    • Marchelle Aday Williams

      Mitchell Campbell was a ruled a justified self defense shooting. He is not a victim. The people that are being remembered were murdered through no fault of their own. It is always sad when a loved one is lost but Mitch was not a victim and does not belong with these innocent people who were murdered. I am sick and tired of hearing the LCPD murdered Mitchell Campbell.

      • Shannon

        To Marchelle
        Let me first begin by addressing your ignorance. I KNOW what my sons autopsy report reads and I KNOW that my son WAS a victim! This case is far from over and in the end you will be able to know all the facts. Until then I would appreciate your comments remaining unsaid.
        I stated FACTS in my comment. This IS a good organization, however there are heartless, ignorant, self absorbed people involved in this chapter. My son, Mitchel Campbell IS a victim of a violent death.

    • Marchelle Aday Williams

      Shannon: I far from ignorant with case. I state facts. Mitchell Campbell was not murdered. I will continue to fight to have the status removed on the Justice for Mitch page. While I am not saying he was not loved and is not missed the fact is he used bad judgment. Only one tidbit of the autopsy has been posted. Why not post it all. I know why; that it is because your family wants to put out their in the media only what they want people to see not the whole truth. I will not remain quiet until everyone stops blaming the officer and LCSD. These are good men with families too. They go out and protect us. They deserve better. If this is not far from over just know that I will stand up for the 3 officers, 1 reserve officer and Ronnie Willis as long as they are being harassed and slandered. If you have further comments and want to remain out of the media : or on FB Marchelle Aday Williams.

      • Shannon

        My sons autopsy is open for any and everyone to see. I have nothing to hide. You have the right to voice your opinion just and I do. I know my son fell victim to the hands of an officer that IS supposed to protect and serve. There was never any threat to any of their lives. As far as what te media sees, again I have nothing to hide, however this is not the place to argue over your views. Lashing back at you for your earlier comments was not what I should have done but you need to understand the hurt and pain a grieving mother that loves her son and knows what he was capable I doing and not doing. YOU don’t know my son and YOU have no idea what kind of a loving person Mitch was. Justice will be served for my sons death, and if not here on earth in my lifetime justice will come when the officer responsible answers to his maker. Now I would appreciate ending this. You have made your point as I have made mine. Support who you wish, but keep in mind there IS another side to the story….. However, my so. Is not alive to tell it.

  • Denny Kimbrel

    The Shoals Chapter of VOCAL are one of 7 Chapters thru out the State of Alabama, home Office in Montgomery, except for two, State Director Janette Grantham & counselor Latonya Coleman are on payroll , all others are Volunteers, VOCAL is a 501-(c) 3 non-profit organization … all of our sevices are Free
    256-648-1833 Denny Kmbrel and 1-800-239-3219 0r 334-262-7197
    I have no reason not to post a picture of any Victim on our Crosses or our Memroy Board .

    we welcome new members or volunteers if a victim or not

  • Jackie Barnes

    I am extremely and serious about volunteering for VOCAL because I hold dear to my heart remembering our loved ones to homocide,because back in 2006 March 5 I lost my 20 yr. old baby brother & best friend Matthew Lloyd Barnes. That news crushed,crippled & shattered my world forever. Time does not heal the pain nor does it make it easier to deal with, I believe after so many years filled with nothing but sad lonely tears,no smiles seem to exist, but with time you have to smile & laugh with others because you definitely don’tt want the pain you know so well to rub off on them. I smile these days & any tomorrows that may come my way I’ll smile because I’m so BLESSED that I got to grow up for 20 years with the most amazing young man GOD could’ve ever created. you have to learn to celebrate their lives looking back on how wonderful,happy,priceless and irreplaceable the memories are that you were able to make with your forever loved one. RIP Matt aka baby bro!! But Sir I would love to have the oppurtunity to be a volunteer, I know what all these other individuals are going through and I’d be blessed and honored to volunteer and also talk with the other people just like me, and us being able to help each other by talking when we need to. I pray you will give me this oppurtunity, you nor I know just how much this could help me. Please give me a call either way so I won’t go insane hoping you decided to let me volunteer for something so awesome or not. Granted I’ll be crushed if you for some reason decide you won’t use me. Please contact me at 256-762-4284

    • willy cachum

      You know the ones responsible for his murder…don’t you? They are getting away with it…for years already.

  • Denny Kimbrel

    Jackie Barnes, I tryed calling your number you listed, it said it has been changed or no longer in service, Yes VOCAL needs Volunteers, post your # and I will call you.

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