See Meth Stop Meth Getting More Visibility from Landers-McLarty Subaru

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How do you stop meth? Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder to report it when you see it.

That's why Landers McLarty Subaru added the See Meth Stop Meth Tip Line number to their temporary plates for vehicles, giving Kids to Love a new way to get the word out in the on-going war on meth. Employees have been busy putting the new plates on every car on the lot and in the showroom. These tags are like "mobile billboards" and will help spread the word that if you See Meth, you should Stop Meth.

Brian Klie, General Sales Manager for Landers McLarty Subaru, explains the reason for the new approach: “We house about 120 cars here, inside and outside, and a lot of these cars are mobile for events we do around town. Hopefully, this will create a better awareness to help some of the kids in our community.”

Awareness does help. Since launching the See Meth Stop Meth Tip Line in 1995, Kids to Love has received more than 2,600 tips. Most of these tips report that kids are living in dangerous conditions. Kids to Love works with district attorneys, local law enforcement and DHR when an anonymous tip comes in to get children to safety.

Remember is you See Meth you can Stop Meth call 1-866-303-M-E-T-H or click here to submit a tip online.  It makes a difference.


  • Michael

    As a Christian I just can’t convince myself to call police to report a meth user. Don’t think that’s what Jesus would do if He were walking the Earth today. Sounds like a great opportunity instead to minister and be a witness for Christ to these people battling their addictions. “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”

  • Michael

    Why would a Christian call the cops to go after a drug user, kidnap him from his home, and lock him in a cage with violent people? Is that what Jesus would do? Or would Jesus minister to the meth users battling their inner demons and then say “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more,” like He did with the adulterer that was to be stoned?

    • Ann

      I am a Christian and I would call out someone breaking ANY law, especially ones that puts children in danger. One thing we must remember is that the adulterer admitted guilt and turned from that way of life. I only wish not comdemning a drug user and trying to help them was enough, if it was we could eliminate the horrific problem they cause themselves and others.

      • Michael

        Would you call the cops if it was your family member, friend, or loved one? When you call the cops you’re doing it to someone else’s family, friend or loved one. Think of it this way. Would these drug addicts be more likely to ask for the help they need if they weren’t so worried about being kidnapped and locked in a cage with violent people? Lastly, you say you would do it because it puts children in danger. You’re putting them in danger by calling the cops who show up in full military gear, bust down their doors in the middle of the night, terrorize them, shoot their dogs, and physically abuse their parents right in front of them.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Kudos to all the attempts to stop this Meth insanity
    So many wasted lives and broken hearts.. all because a dealer needs his cash and an addict needs his fix.
    The most innocent of all, are the children of those addicted to the garbage on our streets.
    If you’re caught dealing drugs…prison is too good. Anyone manufacturing Meth should be sentenced to a lethal, forced, overdose.
    See how fast the streets would be cleaned up.

    See it? TURN THEM IN!!
    Zero tolerance

  • Bob

    Can some-one please start editing Lee Marshal’s writing?
    Spelling and grammatical errors through out.

  • SB

    Mike, If God doesn’t stop them from using Meth, then Landers-McLarty Subaru will… And drug users are not just Christians… they can be from any religion, any race, and any social status….

    You can save a drug addict but you can’t save an ignorant…

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