See Meth Stop Meth Getting More Visibility from Landers-McLarty Subaru

How do you stop meth? Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder to report it when you see it.

That’s why Landers McLarty Subaru added the See Meth Stop Meth Tip Line number to their temporary plates for vehicles, giving Kids to Love a new way to get the word out in the on-going war on meth. Employees have been busy putting the new plates on every car on the lot and in the showroom. These tags are like “mobile billboards” and will help spread the word that if you See Meth, you should Stop Meth.

Brian Klie, General Sales Manager for Landers McLarty Subaru, explains the reason for the new approach: “We house about 120 cars here, inside and outside, and a lot of these cars are mobile for events we do around town. Hopefully, this will create a better awareness to help some of the kids in our community.”

Awareness does help. Since launching the See Meth Stop Meth Tip Line in 1995, Kids to Love has received more than 2,600 tips. Most of these tips report that kids are living in dangerous conditions. Kids to Love works with district attorneys, local law enforcement and DHR when an anonymous tip comes in to get children to safety.

Remember is you See Meth you can Stop Meth call 1-866-303-M-E-T-H or click here to submit a tip online.  It makes a difference.


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