Geraldine High School Student’s Family Sues School District

GERALDINE, Ala. (WHNT) – The parents of a Geraldine High School student filed a lawsuit against the Dekalb County Board of Education. The student suffered traumatic brain injuries. The student’s family blames the school district.

Attorney Tommy James filed the lawsuit identifying the injured student, since he is a minor, as T.W. The lawsuit states T.W.’s family accuses several employees of Dekalb County Schools, including Geraldine High School’s former principal, of causing the student’s injuries.

“He fractured his skull. He received a traumatic brain injury and numerous other injuries as a result of it,” said James.

James told WHNT News 19 T.W. was on the school’s football team in July 2012. He noted in the lawsuit, a fellow teammate known as L.P., because he’s a minor, punched T.W. in the head causing him to fall face forward during a mandatory summer football workout.

T.W.’s family claims the school’s head football coach and his assistants were out of town and no school employees were around when the punch happened.

The family says no one at the workout provided medical attention for 30 minutes.

But, why a lawsuit nearly two years later?

”We`ve been trying to get paperwork from the school system on the statements. We kind of had to file a lawsuit just to get the documents because the school is not going voluntarily provide them to us,” added James.

T.W. has permanent head injuries. WHNT News 19 called and emailed, Hugh Taylor, the superintendent of Dekalb County Schools. Taylor has not gotten back. WHNT News 19 will continue working to get a response.


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