Great Horned Owl Rescued After Winds Blow Him from Home

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – This cute little guy is an adolescent Great Horned owl. He’s not an owlet but what experts call a “brancher.” Strong winds Sunday evening pushed this owl from his home.

Robin Matthews saw it fall out of a tree in the back yard of her home on Raleigh Way in Huntsville.

Matthews says she was eating dinner when she saw the owl fall from the tree. The owl was struggling to get back up to the tree by flapping his wings, but couldn’t go anywhere. That’s when she called several wildlife agencies. The North Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitators responded and took him in.

The North Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitators say this “brancher” can’t quite fly and still needs his parents, but is not completely confined to the nest. They put the owl back up in the tree and are going to use this as an opportunity to observe him.

They report that this “brancher’s” parents found him on Monday and took him back in. A happy ending!


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