Buffalo Wild Wings Becomes Victim To Early Morning Robbery

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Late Saturday night into early Sunday morning Huntsville police responded to a robbery at Buffalo Wild Wings in Madison Square Mall.

Police say when they arrived the manager of Buffalo Wild Wings told them a man entered the business with a gun and demanded money.

Huntsville police say the robber left the restaurant on foot – taking some things from the business with him.

Police are investigating, but no arrest have been made.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Any more explanations needed as to why this Mall is failing???

    And why so many of us stay away due to our personal safety concerns???

    • Wake Up

      Earlene, Alabamians have the right to carry with a permeant or carry open without a permit. If an employer allows, employees and customers can carry concealed with a permit. Employees are allowed to carry their gun in their cars while at work. Their are thousand of Alabamians walking around with a gun on them at all times. How is Alabama a gun free zone?

      • Saul Alinsky

        Wake up ,you and I have to solve this gun problem.lets band all guns, so only OUR people will be the only ones who have them.

      • Wake Up

        I am not for banning guns. I own several guns. What I am for are sensible laws requiring the safe storage of guns. I also would like to see more stringent training and proficiency requirements for carry permits. We need to understand the seriousness of owning guns and should have regulations reflecting that seriousness.

      • BSN

        @Wake Up, I don’t believe we should pass any law that hinders our Constitutional rights. Everyone needs to understand that when you restrict one , it never stops there! We have seen this! How would everyone like to have there 1st amendment rights or even their 5th amendment rights restricted to some degree? You can’t pick and choose, you have to leave them all alone(People died for these rights). However, I have no problem with offering incentives to gun owners to take weapons training. I don’t think we need any more laws governing us. The ones we already have are ridiculous. Don’t get me started on permits, you shouldn’t have to pay for your right to carry….. Do you pay a license fee for your right to free speech or your right to remain silent? How does paying a $10 license fee make anyone safer? The bad guys carry anyway regardless of “Concealed Carry Laws”.

      • Saul Alinsky

        NO! NO!, Wake up, me and our leader Mr Obama. want all guns band, . when we take over control , only the people WE want will have them. Please stay with us on this . I have a great feeling ,that you will help us,you have in the past. Great work on the MSNBC gun story, keep up the great work your doing .

    • BSN

      They don’t seem to understand that the bad guys don’t care about the law, only the law abiding folks do. I’m not sure what their stance is regarding firearms, but you can bet if they had a “No Guns” sign I won’t be there to help out should something happen. I have come to realize that some people are very ignorant. Who in their right mind believes a bad guy is going to rob a place and at the last minute stop because there is a “No Guns” sign? It’s comical.

  • Tim

    Maybe when Huntsville police find the suspect they can Gun him down in cold blood like they do all there suspects now day

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