Wounded Blue, Inc. Ready to Assist Injured Officer if Needed

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —  An injured officer, a family, and a community continues to heal after an officer-involved shooting early Friday morning on Stanford Drive.

The man accused of shooting the officer, William Arthur Stogner, Jr. is dead.  He was 52 years old.  Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris said when officers arrived at the home William Stogner came out with a long gun. Police told him to put the gun down and he shot Officer Jason Moore.  Moore had surgery Friday to remove pellets from his face but is expected to be ok.  At last check, he was listed in “good” condition at Huntsville Hospital.

When an officer is wounded in the line of duty, it’s a scary time for not only the injured but also for the family trying to process what has happened.  Wounded Blue is a non-profit, donation-driven organization that helps those in these kinds of situations.  The group told WHNT News 19 that it’s ready to assist, should Officer Jason Moore’s family need anything at all.

“They’re the ones who keep our community safe so the rest of us can sleep at night.  But when the sun goes down, things happen,” said Freda Muncey.

Muncey knows what it’s like.  “I call them our street heroes,” she said.  As the wife of the Madison Police Chief, she’s had her fair share of restless nights.  “I’ve gotten those calls when someone on the other end of the phone has said, ‘Oh I just want you to know that your husband is okay.’  And those words are tremendously comforting. But yes, you do kind of wonder.  It’s a dangerous job.”

Muncey is the president of Wounded Blue, an organization that provides financial services and emotional support for those who keep us safe, day and night.

“There aren’t a lot of people that will do this job,” she said.  “I feel like it’s a calling for them and they put their lives on the line.  So many times when people complain, I want to say, ‘Well how about you? Would you do this job?’   And, typically they won’t.”

She said it’s not a job just anyone can do.  She told WHNT News 19 that she feels for the family of Officer Moore as he recovers from his injuries.  She especially feels for his wife. “My heart certainly goes out to her and her family.  And, I’m just glad the good Lord held him in the palm of his hand that night because it could have gone so different.”

Wounded Blue doesn’t reach out to the injured directly.  But, she wants the Moore family to know they are here and ready to help if they need anything.

“Capt. Stringer has reached out to his supervisor and said please let them know that we are here.  Please let us know if they have any needs and what those needs are so that we can respond.”

She said it’s the least they can do. “I’m glad he’s going to be okay.”

Wounded Blue, Inc. is a statewide non-profit organization based in Madison.  The group formed last year to help wounded law enforcement officers across Alabama who have been injured in the line of duty.