E-Cigarette Liquid Poisonings on Rise in Alabama

E-cigarettes can smell pretty delicious, with many of flavors tasting like candy. But that appealing taste and smell, along with the fact that these unregulated devices aren’t childproof, can end up becoming a poison hazard.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recently uncovered information that shows poison centers nationwide received more than 200 calls related to E-Cigarettes this past February. That’s compared to just one call per month in 2010.  More than half of those calls from February involved children under the age of five.

WHNT News 19 called the Alabama Regional Poison Control Center to get their take. The center says they personally handled 23 cases between 2010 and 2013. But here’s the eye-opening number: The center has recently handled 23 cases in just 2014 alone.

The majority of cases are kids who got their hands on a bottle of E-liquid and got some on their skin or tasted it. The poison control center says the liquid’s high-concentration nicotine is what makes it so dangerous.

In extreme cases, it can lead to problems with the nervous system, said Alabama Regional Poison Control Center Director Ann Slattery.

She says the following can occur in this order.
• First you become alert
• Then a state of agitation
• Confusion sets in
• Drowsiness
• Coma or Seizure

For adults who handle liquid nicotine, Slattery recommends locking up refill bottles and keeping e-cigarettes out of the reach of children.  Anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to liquid nicotine should contact the Regional Control Center for Alabama. The number is 1-800-222-1222.



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