A New Gallery For Local Artists to Display and Sell Their Work Opens

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-  It's called The Artery.  And this local shop hopes to be the heart of the local artist community, filling a void that owners believe has existed here in Huntsville.

"There is just so much talent in the area," said owner Christy Williams. "There is just such a need for more places like this. Five Points is just the perfect place for that because of the feel of the area and the diverse community, it's just perfect."

Many artists either don't have the money or time to open their own galleries. So the artery takes care of the overhead expenses for them. It's like a business incubator, except focused on art.

"We opened a local artist market where it's our job to promote and sale the items for the artist.  And all they have to do is come in, set up their gallery space and make it their own."

So whether you're a local artist yourself, or someone in the market for art, the artery is pumping with creativity.

"We have engineers, we have medical care professionals and this is a way where they don't have the time to commit to staffing an area. They can still do their work and get it out there."

The Artery is located on Wellman Avenue near Star Market.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Based upon just seeing the business name/logo with no further explanations offered I would have thought this was a blood bank…

  • Janet Lindsay

    Where is Wellman Ave?? Give me an address to put in the Garmin, please. I am very interested in showing at the gallery!

  • Frank

    The address is 816 Wellman Ave • Huntsville, AL 35801. It is a couple of doors down from the Thai Garden next to Going to the Dogs (a block from Star Market). I attended the grand opening and was impressed with setup and variety of talent represented. The owners Christy and Bryan are awesome! http://www.theARTeryHSV.com

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