Rodent Droppings, Dirty Dishes Not Cutting the Mustard

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Didn't Cut the Mustard:

Lil' Dottie’s at 18025 Nuclear Plant Road in Athens: Score of 75
• Not sanitizing dishes & drying dishes with common cloth towel.
• Cheese 51F.
• Hamburger Meat 113F, Beans 120F.

Ichiban Express at 8604 U.S. Highway 431 in Albertville: Score of 84
• Foods not being held under refrigeration when required: Lo Mein, chicken, shrimp.
• Prepping food at dining table while eating and drinkin

Chevron at 1514 E. Elm St. in Athens: Score of 75
• Rodent droppings.
• Rusty ice maker.
• Dirty fountain drink nozzles.



  • mamac

    Unreal.. Restaurant owners managers…Come on. You CANNOT do this..This can make people sick.And rat droppings YUK..I use to not look at the score card..But now I do..And I look to see the people handling my food like if they look clean and have hair nets on and gloves..I think all people that works around food weather it be at the parks at ball games or fund raisers ect..Everybody touching food being around food use these items…It should be a requirement …..So restaurant owners mangers tell your people they have eyes on them…

  • KB

    I don’t even eat out anymore. People just don’t care. They are there for a paycheck and that about sums it up. I saw a guy years ago working at a Subway (not here) and after I paid for my sandwich he went straight to the bread oven without washing his hands. Money is extremely filthy! He acted like it was no big deal and looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him to wash his hands. I told him nevermind, got my money back and headed toward the door, all he did was cuss me out. He said he wasn’t washing his hands every two seconds.

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