Rodent Droppings, Dirty Dishes Not Cutting the Mustard

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Lil’ Dottie’s at 18025 Nuclear Plant Road in Athens: Score of 75
• Not sanitizing dishes & drying dishes with common cloth towel.
• Cheese 51F.
• Hamburger Meat 113F, Beans 120F.

Ichiban Express at 8604 U.S. Highway 431 in Albertville: Score of 84
• Foods not being held under refrigeration when required: Lo Mein, chicken, shrimp.
• Prepping food at dining table while eating and drinkin

Chevron at 1514 E. Elm St. in Athens: Score of 75
• Rodent droppings.
• Rusty ice maker.
• Dirty fountain drink nozzles.



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