Hillshire Plant Closing May Create Opportunities For Current Employees

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Hillshire managment met with employees Friday morning to deliver the news of the Florence plant closing.

The shutdown is expected to leave 1,100 people unemployed.

Jim Cook is the manager at the Alabama Career Center in Sheffield. He believes employees don't have to look at this situation as negative.

"People who have some of the best success when faced with this situation come when they are able to maintain a positive attitude," said Cook.

Cook says workers should waste no time developing skills which will make them marketable.

"Often times this type of negative situation allows them to seek other training or opportunities that may be able to help them access and, with that, they can get into a new career or a different job that maybe they've always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to get the training," said cook.

Training is offered at places like the Alabama Career Center. The center helps the unemployed find work.

"Through some of our federally funded and state administer program, often times we are able to offer assistance for retraining to dislocated workers," said Cook.

Cook says he and his team will visit the plant to inform people about the programs and services the Alabama Career Center provides


  • Nuclear Mike

    Positive attitudes speech won’t pay these unemployed families’ debts…as the Shoals takes a very serious economic hit from the loss of yet another 1,000+ jobs in the area…and the loss of these 1,000+ jobs means almost certainly another 2,000+ other jobs will be uncreated with the downtown in local spending.

    • Unbelievable

      AMEN Mike a positive attitude is for the birds, I have been unemployed since last October and I along with 40 other people I worked with have received ZERO help from this place. The only thing positive is I am positive they are not gonna help these people. There are zero jobs in this area (except minimum wage wal mart) type jobs or one of the many restaurants that the mayor and city council are always recruiting. This area needs manufacturing jobs not more retail. Huge job losses seem to be mounting in the shoals, somehow someone must stop the bleeding.

  • Get Real America

    Ah, the “opportunities” speech from the state-employed bureaucrat with their ample sized derriere parked firmly in the swivel chair from which they blithely avoid acknowledging the all-too-real misfortunes of those in the private sector. Another government hack heard from.

    • Nuclear Mike

      And this bit of info tells you what is happening in all the towns & cities in America:

      “The average workweek rose to 34.5 hours from 34.3 hours in February. That doesn’t seem like much – just 12 minutes more. But those extra minutes help boost incomes, Deutsche Bank economist Joseph LaVorgna said in a research note. Hourly workers are taking home more pay over the course of a week – about $17 more than they did at this time last year.”

      That extra $17 is sure gonna make a real difference and the less than 40 hours per week tells us all the new jobs are still part-time jobs…

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