School Board To Pursue Forensic Audit Of Madison County Commissioner’s Discretionary Funds

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville City School Board members are determined to find out if $40,000 in At-Risk funds were improperly distributed in 2007.

Board members approved a resolution to go forward with a forensic audit into Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison’s discretionary funds.

It all started when a 2008 letter written by a former County Commission District 6 employee was recently brought to light.

The author wrote:

“I would like to report possible non compliance, mismanagement, improprieties, unethical, and illegal activities conducted by Northwest Huntsville Community Service Organization, Inc. And Robert “Bob” Harrison, Commissioner of Madison County Commission, District 6.”


The letter goes on to list the number of Madison County employees who were also on the NHCSO board, or NHCSO employees who were on the county commission payroll.

It also cites the At-Risk application requirement that the author felt the County was violating:

“It is the intent of the Legislature that these funds not be utilized to partner with governmental nor quasi-governmental agencies and entities whose functions already indulge programs designated for at-risk funding.”

Board members who were on the Huntsville City School board in 2008 say they had no knowledge, until recently, that the complain was ever filed.

Now that they know, they hope to get the money back if there was any illegal activity.

“Taxpayer money is very precious and we’re good stewards of that,” said David Blair, school board president.  “When we get that kind of information we need to turn it over to the authorities. I know it seems everything is back to back to back but we’re simply protecting the school system.”

Law enforcement agencies will lead the charge in the forensic audit.

Superintendent Casey Wardynski says they will review 10 years worth of Commissioner Harrison’s discretionary funds, including gifts to the school district.



  • jamison jones

    Protecting the school system??? Well, only after Harrison raised some issues with the rezoning a.k. a disguied segregation. Well, we are also going to hand over some materail to whnt to investigate possible misconduct by some members of the school board. Standby.

    • Branko Pezdi

      “disguied [sic] segregation”

      LOL! Your premise: segregation is practiced everywhere that white people are involved. This being true, if there is no overt evidence of segregation, it must be “disguised segregation.”

      Have you looked under your bed lately? There must be segregation under there too!

      [roll eyes]

      • Robert Palmer

        Defacto segregation does exist in the Huntsville School System. It may well be unintended but it is still there.

  • jamison jones

    yeah, its disguised segregation. check with the media next week. we gat some s***t for some board member.see if they won’t resign.

  • Terry Baker

    I thing they need to conduct a full Forensic Audit Of Madison County systems. Leave nothing covered.

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