Investigators on Scene of Meth Bust, Whiskey Still in Lacey’s Spring


LACEY’S SPRING, Ala. (WHNT) – The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said investigators are on the scene of a meth bust in Lacey’s Spring.

They add there’s also a working whiskey still on the grounds.

They’re at the intersection of Highway 36 and Vansandt Road.

WHNT News 19 is working to get more information.  We’ll update shortly.

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  • Michael

    Am I the only one that wonder that if Ana is doing such a great job with meth in Morgan County, then why are there still so many meth busts?

  • Lynn

    You maybe, meth is more popular than ever & will continue due to it being relatively inexpensive to produce. However, Sheriff Franklin stays active with all criminal elements to protect our county interest.

  • Barbara

    There is not more meth in some areas, just more being found and prosecuted because local law enforcement chiefs are more dedicated to trying to stop as much as they can of it.. “See no Evil” doesn’t mean no evil is being done.

    • Michael

      Well, I’m wouldn’t call drug use evil. Unhealthy yes, but not evil since it harms only the user. Meh, I guess it’s just me. If I had a neighbor that had a meth problem I don’t think I’d phone them in to the PD. As long as he/she keeps that nasty crap on his own property.

  • Jason Cage

    I had a guy on Ambien sleeping pills run into my garage. That man was me though. I’m glad we still have laws that ban the by product of yeast eating sugar. Get rid of stupid laws and there will be no black markets. If I can buy it in a store in any quantity I want, get drunk in an Applebee’s, why can’t I make it at home by mixing up some sugar water and throwing yeast on it? Right, Uncle Sam won’t get his dollar. By the way, don’t keep your booze in the freezer or it will cause the alcohol to separate from the rest. Also known as distillation. You could pour that off and drink it and that would be a sin or something. I would never of course.

  • Sharon Poole Brown

    Meth harms many people the person using and the children who are put in these situations through mo fault of their own. If you want to see the damage you should see a two year old that has to be decontaminated and taken to a foster home or the hospital to be treated for exposure.

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