Father Tired of Mess, Moves Daughter’s Room Outside

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(CNN/WTOC) - A father in Georgia says he was tired of his daughter's messy room, so he decided to teach her a lesson.  But did the punishment go too far?

After getting fed up with his daughter's messy room, Craig Schlichenmeyer decided he'd clear out the mess for her.

By moving the entire room to the driveway, including her bed, desk and computer and placing a sign that said "Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

"One day I had enough of it, and I just picked up her belongings and set her room up in the driveway."

Since taking such drastic measures, he wants everyone to know Haley is a great daughter and great student and that he didn't mean to humiliate her.  He just wanted to get his point across.

"No, my intention was just to surprise her a little bit and let her know that we were serious about taking ownership and pride in her room and doing the right thing. When we tell her to clean it up, you need to clean it up," the father said.

This isn't the first time we've heard about a public punishment, though. Just last month, a Port Wentworth mother made her daughter hold a sign at the front of their neighborhood for bullying.

So the question is, do these public reprimands work?

Jodi Spires has been a licensed counselor for 15 years, and says this can work on some levels, but parents must be careful.

"That's a tricky question. I think you really have to know your teenager," said Spires.  "You have to know the punishment, because my concern would be what's being taught, the punishment or the lesson? And I think if the punishment is too severe, I think we lose that teachable moment for the teens."

As for this father, the two have moved on, and he says their family is very close.

"She's a great student, honor roll student, and we're proud of her. It was just an issue of her room being clean."

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