Kids Kingdom at Madison’s Dublin Park to Reopen This Month

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kingdomMADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Park goers may have been scratching their heads when seeing the sign posted at Madison’s Dublin Park that reads, ‘Kids Kingdom Closed Until Further Notice.’ Well, consider this your official notice.

Turns out there has been some important work going on behind the scenes over the past several months.

Crews first began work trimming diseased trees of branches. Some of the park's trees were so large crews had to bring in cranes to tackle the job.

The wooden structures that make up the bulk of the park's playground are nearly 25 years old and have not enjoyed the maintenance they have needed from a parks and recreation standpoint, says Madison Chamber of Commerce Director Susie Masotti.

"Splinter-proofing" and replacing many of the structures to make them more visitor friendly has been the biggest order of business as part of the overhaul.

Dublin Park will hold a grand reopening for Kids Kingdom on April 19 in conduction with their annual Easter egg hunt.


  • Sarah Kent

    There are so many blind spots at Kid’s Kingdom that it is extremely hard to watch an older grandchild and a young one too. With so many sexual predators out there, I’m a nervous wreck the whole time I’m there trying to watch my two grandsons. There are a whole lot of kids there playing that are teenagers who are too old to be around the little ones of ours. The bathroom door sticks and many times children get locked in there. There’s not a whole lot for 2 year olds to do at Kid’s Kingdom.

    • Jennifer R.

      Kids kingdom is not a playground intended for 2 year olds. It is meant more for ages 4-9, as it is mostly climbing and obstacles. Teach your older child how to deal with strangers safely, and watch the 2 year old closely. For children under 6, they should not be going to a public restroom alone anyways. The doors to the restrooms are frequently propped open though.

      For full view of younger children there is a classic styled playground just across from Dublin park in the Crestview community. Creekwood park would also be a good choice.

      There has never been a kidnapping at Kids Kingdom and Madison is considered an extremely safe community. A few neighborhood teenagers meet up there (many of which are watching younger siblings) and are good kids who grew up playing at KK. They have no interest in talking to or playing with your children and are doing nothing wrong by enjoying the playground. I live on the road just behind the park and go to KK all the time, your assessment of danger could not be further from the truth. KK is also under 24 hour surveillance camera watch and police drive by regularly.

      You should educate yourself more on the actual risk of sexual predators in public places. The vast majority of sexual abuse happens within the home or by close relatives, not by some scary old man sitting on a park bench like movies have us believe. I think education would really calm some of your fears so you can enjoy playing with your grandchildren!

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