Jeffrey Dahmer’s Childhood Home Up For Sale

BATH, Ohio (CNN) – In 1978, a young man committed a crime so disturbing it shook the town of Bath, Ohio — and eventually the entire nation.

A hitchhiker was murdered and eventually buried in the house under a crawl space.

We’re talking about Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home and the place where he murdered his first victim.  That house is now back on the market — and a realtor hopes someone will want to buy it.

The home is certainly getting a lot of attention.  In fact, a film crew from Japan recently flew there to do a story on Dahmer.

The realtor says if you can get past the history of the house, it’s a fantastic property.  He thinks while selling the house will be difficult, it’s not impossible.

“It’s certainly gonna be a little more challenging, but you know – the house didn’t kill anybody,” said the realtor, Rich Lubinski.

The realtor says they’re not giving tours of the infamous house except for serious potential buyers.