Jeffrey Dahmer’s Childhood Home Up For Sale

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BATH, Ohio (CNN) - In 1978, a young man committed a crime so disturbing it shook the town of Bath, Ohio -- and eventually the entire nation.

A hitchhiker was murdered and eventually buried in the house under a crawl space.

We're talking about Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home and the place where he murdered his first victim.  That house is now back on the market -- and a realtor hopes someone will want to buy it.

The home is certainly getting a lot of attention.  In fact, a film crew from Japan recently flew there to do a story on Dahmer.

The realtor says if you can get past the history of the house, it's a fantastic property.  He thinks while selling the house will be difficult, it's not impossible.

"It's certainly gonna be a little more challenging, but you know - the house didn't kill anybody," said the realtor, Rich Lubinski.

The realtor says they're not giving tours of the infamous house except for serious potential buyers.


  • KB

    I guess they’re thinking that it’ll be a quicker sale. There are some sick people who would brag about buying that house.

  • Branko Pezdi

    I wonder if there are any foot stools left in the house’s toilet. What about the house’s elbow room?

  • Sue

    The house is not the killer. Dahmer was the one who brought EVIL into this house. Unfortunately I believe the unbelievable evil will always be in the house. I definitely would not buy it! Probably someone will buy it to rent it out or because it does not bother some people. Some may think it is cool to own it or whatever.

  • Debbie Clayton Wiley

    The house didn’t hurt or harm any one. It is just a piece of real estate and because an idiot lived there is not a reason to hold it against the house. That’s like saying you will never drive down a street that has had an accident on it.

    • Sue

      You are right the house did not harm anyone. There is a buyer for every house. This house needs a fresh start with a “nice” owner.The scenio about driving down a street with an accident is not even in the ball park however. You are living in the house and what happened there was no accident it was intentional! However. with the right owner the house and owners could clear the old history and be happy again. There are probably tons of houses that people buy everyday with sorted past known or unknown to be tragic. I lived in one that was only 5 yrs old one time that was immaculate, great price and rented immediately. The average stay was one night to. a month or so and they ran out of there. The owner told me that and I soon found out why. I never found out exactly what happened but the owner could not understand why they moved. Then it was up for rent. Rented again and same- over and over. Long story short the things that happened was pretty terrifying but. was not aimed at me but my ex. I wanted to buy it because after I kicked him out all was calm but it was not for sale. His friends and him still lived all around the area. I felt protected by the house but he was scared to death- was funny actually. There were a lot of spirits there – good for me-bad for him. After I moved- same renting again and again. Someone will buy this house and the old history will be gone.

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