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FBI Seeks Public’s Help in Identifying “John Doe 28,” a Suspected Child Predator


(WHNT) – The FBI has issued an alert asking for the public’s help to identify an unknown man known as “John Doe 28.”  It’s believed he is involved with the exploitation and sexual abuse of a child.

The FBI issued pictures on a wide scale Wednesday after enhancing them.  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has been investigating this case since November 2012.

The FBI says there are no specific details linking the suspect to a particular state or region of the United States. The FBI is issuing the photos in hopes someone will spot a clue about the man or his location.

Photos of John Doe 28 (Issued by FBI)

Photos of John Doe 28.  The one on the left shows he is a white male with glasses. The middle photo shows a blue sofa chair in the background and a picture hanging on the wall. The child victim has been cropped out of the photo. The right photo shows a shark or large fish logo on the left of a burgundy shirt. (Photos: FBI)

John Doe 28 is described as a white male, possibly in his 30s or 40s, with a receding hairline.  In the photos, he wears wire-framed glasses.  Images show him and the child victim in a home with what appears to be a large blue chair and a picture hanging on a wall in the background.

In another photo, the subject is wearing a burgundy t-shirt with what appears to be a logo of a shark or other large fish on the left side.

If you have any information about this man or the photos, please call the FBI’s toll-free tip line at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or submit a tip online at

John Doe 28 is being sought as part of the FBI’s Operation Rescue Me and Endangered Child Alert Program (ECAP).

ECAP began in 2004 as a way to identify unknown people involved in the sexual abuse of children and the production of child pornography.  Since its inception, 28 John and Jane Does have been investigated, and 20 of them have been identified.

Operation Rescue Me has been in place since 2008, and has led to the identification of 68 child victims.


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