Construction On Highway 43 Scheduled To Be Done By Fall 2014

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Driving on Highway 43 can be a headache for Killen residents.

"I know everyone around here will be really glad when it gets completed," said resident Brenda Burleson.

Residents say crews have worked on Highway 43 for nearly a decade, and the construction has them frustrated.

"Well it's an inconvenience at first. But the conveniences in the long run going to out weigh the inconvenience now," says resident Rick Thompson.

The Department of Transportation says it plans to extend Highway 43 from two lanes to four lanes for six miles.

"Well first of all, four lane traffic is safer than two lane. It gives folks an opportunity to move in and out a lot quicker, a lot safer and benefits traffic flow," says Killen mayor Tim Tubbs.

The mayor says a lack of funding from the Department of Transportation has slowed down the project.

The Department of Transportation and city leaders say that the project is estimated to cost about nine million dollars.

Residents are relieved the project is resuming after bad weather created a pause on construction back in December.

State leaders say crews are expected to finished the project by the fall of 2014.

Mayor Tubbs says the overall goal for Highway 43 is to have four lanes all the way to the Tennessee state line.

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