Colbert Commission Makes Security Changes At Courthouse After Gun Incident

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – In March, a man entered the Colbert County Courthouse with a firearm and it went unnoticed until a deputy spotted it near the second floor.

That incident got the attention of courthouse leaders who made it their mission to evaluate the overall security of the courthouse.

In sharp contrast to the white brick, bright red signs hang at each entrance to the Colbert County Courthouse alerting people not to bring in weapons of any kind.

Law enforcement said those signs were ignored and the incident made for an alarming reality check for county commissioners.

“It’s a scary feeling. You know, we live in a society and it’s a sad day when society has gotten the way it is. But we have to protect our employees and we have to protect the public,” stated Charles Hovater, Chairman of the Colbert County Commission.

Upon the advice of the county’s presiding judge and sheriff, a security expert with the state came to Colbert County to evaluate the courthouse.

Hovater said an extensive walk through was conducted, and some changes need to be made for everyone’s safety.

“Our courthouse is relatively safe. It’s got a few minor adjustments and we have already made some changes,” explained Hovater.

Hovater said some of the minor changes at the courthouse include adjusting surveillance cameras and fixing doors to close properly.

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  • Red

    Of course! Your basic self respecting, Obama hating country boy isn’t going to be caught dead anywhere without his gun on ‘eem. After all, it’s his right. Why do the people at the courthouse ASSUME they are in danger just because bubba has a gun?

    Oh… and this… Only the law abiding will honor the signs and not bring their guns in. ALL the criminals will ignore the law and bring their guns in, putting all us good ‘uns at a disadvantage if’n a shoot out wuz to git started up.

    The gun wasn’t doing nothing. Guns don’t commit crime.

    And… you’re at that time in your life when you know how to get things done! ** cue the viagra music ***

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