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Child’s Facebook Picture Leads to Diagnosis of Rare Eye Condition

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) - Like most parents, Tara Taylor posted a picture of her 3-year-old daughter Rylee on Facebook to show to friends.

She was proud because her daughter had fixed her own hair like a princess.


Two people pointed out an issue with Rylee's left eye, encouraging her mom to have a doctor check it. (Photo: WREG/Family)

Taylor had no idea how that picture would end up helping her daughter. The picture showed her daughter’s left eye glowing.

Two of Taylor's friends encouraged her to have a doctor take a look at Rylee's eye.

It turns out Rylee was diagnosed ith Coat's disease, a rare condition that causes vision loss or blindness in one eye.

Luckily, since it was caught early, doctors have new ways to treat it. Here's more from our sister station in Memphis, WREG-TV.


    • luke bandi

      This is not a April Fool’s joke. This is the 2nd time I have seen this posted. Why would you even joke about something this serious? Please.

  • Amber

    My daughter is 14 we found out she had coats when she was 12 came home from school she said she couldnt see ,she wasvolde enough to telll us something was wrong most kids cant they are far to young ,it happens mostly in the left eye and mostly boys, there is no cure only treatments in hope that they can save the eye its self but if it is to far advanced the eye has to be removed .. so no not a joke it is very real just most people have no idea it is out there we dont know much about it we dont have enough info on it..So watch for the glow

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